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Future Sonny
Terminator salvation.jpg
Portrayed by Sonny (Catalyst)
In-story stats
Known ability Intuitive Aptitude
Abilities Acquired
Enhanced Strength
Lie Detection
Enhnaced Radioactivity
Alias Catalyst
Age 25
Date of birth 1994

Future Sonny is an evolved human who lives in a Dark future, fighting a war.

Character History

Sonny, who goes by the name Catalyst, was once an evolved human trying to prove to himself he could be a hero, who then discovered he had the powers of the covenant. When he was young, his father had wiped his memory, to save his son, but mostly himself. He memory was later recovered when he had retrieved the Catalyst. He now lives in this dark future, where there is a war between humans, and and the evolved humans, but the evolved humans have the higher ground, due to the fact the leader has had much experience with the subject. Arthur Petrelli has been planning all of this out for a long time, and the plan has finally pulled through. Sonny spent his later years mastering each ability, and trying his best to be a hero the world would want and the hero that the world needs. He fights against his own kind to protecting the human race, along side Gabriel Bishop.

Evolved Human Abilities

Ability Source
Telekinesis Unknown
Alchemy Sylar
Enhanced Strength Niki Sanders
Lightning Sylar
Lie Detection Sylar
Enhnaced Radioactivity Unknown
Regeneration Adam Monroe
Illusion Candice Wilmer
Phasing D.L. Hawkins


  • Though Sonny has already acquired Enhanced Strength, due to Telekinesis, the byproduct is Enhanced Strength too.
  • Induced Radioactivity due to Enhanced Radioactivity.
  • Body Insertion due to Phasing


  • Sonny's father, John, was captured by Danko himself, and is now being held in an underground prison, artificially frozen, and put in a sealed metal container. This prison is called Level 6.

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