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Heroes Legends is a fan fiction I write. I was once in the team of the successful fan fiction Cockney Heroes. But I quit for certain reasons which are in the past now. I was thankful for the chance to be in the team. But after I quit, I realized how much time I spent working on CH. And when it left, I found myself being very bored. So I thought I could create my own series. I used some experiences I have from my time in the CH team to write each episode.

My series is about a group of individuals struggling with the things they face with their abilities. The story revolves around the main character, John, and his problems with his amnesia and with his "friend", Mr. Bennet.

If you come across my series to find that you rather enjoy it, and you want a character with or without an ability, create him/her and ask on the Heroes Legends talk page. I'm sure I will be able to find a spot in the series somewhere for you ;)

So far it has gotten pretty good reviews from the users who read it. I previously had a competition for users of the wiki to enter a character to be in the series.

Here are the portals you can visit to see each page of Heroes Legends. I hope you enjoy my series, and please comment to know how I am doing. Thanks!

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