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Burning Bright, Part 3
Issue #: 003
Released: October 10, 2009
Blazing banister.JPG
Story by: Catalyst
Art by: Staz Johnson
Colors by: Edgar at Studio F
Lettering by: Comicraft
Produced by: Catalyst
Previous: Burning Bright, Part 2
Tommy has made a discovery and his more than pleased with it..
Tommy returns, ready to tell his news to his friends. But when Ford starts thinking differently Tommy things go unexpectedly ablaze.


As Tommy walks in the warehouse, Ford says, "Finally. Where have you been? Davie isn't doing good." Tommy nodded. "We have to go now. The bank was a set up. The cops were already there when I arrived. They should be here within a half hour." Tommy explained. "A half hour? It doesn't take that long to get here from there." Ford questioned. "Yeah, I know. I caused a bit of destruction. Something happened. But I will tell you later. We have to go." Tommy said. "But Davie can't move." Ford said. "I know. He will have to stay."

"Do you care about money that much, you're willing to leave your own friend behind? We can take him to the hospital." Ford said. "Yeah, but not without us getting arrested." Tommy disagreed. "Forget this, I'm taking him." Ford replied. "Ford, Stop!" Tommy pulled out a gun and was prepared to shoot Davie, lessoning the chances of the police catching them.

But Ford took out his gun and shot Tommy in the chest. Tommy fell to the ground and started glowing. "What's happening to you?" said a disbelieved Ford. Tommy looked up, smiled, and said, "Boom". Then a wave of heat left his body, setting fire to the ware house. Ford grabbed Davie and walked him out in a rush.

Ford looked back at Tommy one last time, seeing his was on fire and yelling in pain. Ford and Davie now outside are trying to hurry to escape the burning building. But the warehouse explodes throwing Ford back about twenty feet with his jacket on fire. He quickly took it off and saw that Davie was completely combusted. His clothes, hair, and even skin. Realizing that Davie has died, he runs before anyone shows up.

San Diego - A Few Months Later

After robbing a bank and cops finally stop shooting, Tommy stands up from his cover very excited with his hand glowing.

"FREEZE!" shouted a lieutenant

But Tommy made a sarcastic remark saying, "No. How about the exact opposite? Sounds good to me".






Lieutenant Chory

Memorable Quotes


- Tommy (about to explode)

"Do you care about money that much, you're willing to leave your own friend behind?"

- Ford (To Tommy)


  • The end of the graphic novel is the beginning of the first episode of the series, Eclipse.

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