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Heroes Legends
Location: Worldwide
Purpose: Assassins
First mentioned: Welcome to The Company
Known members: Catalyst

Quantum is a group of assassins. They not only kill those that they deem evil, but also can be hired to kill people.


Started in the early 1200's by a group of assassin's and soilders, Quantum has striven to keep the world a safe place. Anytime one ruler or government gets too powerful, Quantum will try to put a stop to it. They have also been known to kill for money as well, though they have strict rules about who they can kill.

Originally, Quantum was not run by Evolved humans, but in later years they began to take it over. Most Quantum members today are indeed evolved humans.

While Quantum exists worldwide, they have a large base of operations on a small island in the Pacific. Many of their top agents and leaders live here, making this the hub of the organization.

Quantum has encountered The Company several times. While, on a few occasions, they will work together in certain situations, they mainly hate each other. Quantum does not approve of the Company's moral ambiguity. They have often butted heads.

Welcome to The Company

Jimmy sets off in New Jersey for a mission. But is soon seen by John Dolan and Lance Anderson. They try to catch him, but John refuses to track down his own kind. Jimmy successfully gets away. He later finds his target and ignites him, making it look like a candle tipped over. He leaves and goes home.


Jimmy is found by the Company, so John and Lance go to get him. He was at a fair where is is chased and soon cornered by the two agents. Jimmy attacks Lance by blowing up a heated grill about a foot away from him. Lance suffers from a fractured spine, a damaged vocal chord, and a few burns.

Basic Equipment