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This article archives the history of John Dolan during before Heroes Legends. For more about John Dolan, see the main article.

Character History

Waking Up

John Dolan is an evolved human, who appears to be amnesic. He is estimated to be twenty years old. He woke up in Russia and was forced to work labor if he wanted some money, but had a boss, Boris Kozlov who used force if angry. John did not remembering anything from his past. John has some skills he must have acquired in his past. He knows how to speak Russian very well. John also knows how to fight. When he had enough of his boss, he told him off and walked away. Mr. Schultz then stated walking after him with three other men. They had nightsticks and knives. John turned around and Boris swung the nightstick at his face, but it was blocked by John. Suddenly his vision started changing. He then pushed him to the ground, unarmed the other three men and took all of them down with only a few punches. Just then, Boris got up, tried to hit him, but missed, for John blocked the hits and grabbed him, then broke his arm. Before he knew it, a minute had passed and four men were on the ground moaning in pain. John took one of the pocket knives and fled the scene. This was all done without any abilities. However, John did possess superhuman abilities. He found out when he a his boss come up one more time, charging at him with a knife. His vision was going crazy due to his heart racing. John turned around and threw the knife like a dart, while yelling "No... STOP!" The knife stabbed him in between his eyes. John looks up and sees an eclipse, but decided to run before any other trouble started.

On His Own Now

After leaving his job, John traveled a lot trying to find out who he was. He found out his name was John Dolan at a bank, when he wanted to open an account for his paychecks. But then was attacked by police. He remembered what he did to the man in Russia. So he decided to try it again. John went over to them and started fighting. It didn't take much for them to go down, but he realized, half the time he wasn't even using his power, just his apparent knowledge of how to fight. Doing this gave him a chance, so he took it. He ran, and stays on the run looking for answers because he was attacked. He knows they can't just be coming form him only. As he set out to find these answers, and himself, he found someone like him. But tried to kill him, for he thought he was trying to recapture him. When asked why he thought that, he replied he hated Level 5 and he won't go back. Before he could talk to him more, he screamed and John went flying back. He then ran away. However, he did steal the address of where he was held captive, along with a gun from him. It was in Croatia, and that is where he set out to.


Now in Croatia, John finds the address. It was a building called Primatech Paper. A little confused, he walks in and asks what this place is. Everyone doesn't speak English. But to John's surprise, he can speak a bit of Croatian. He starts asking again, when a young guy about his age, comes and talks to John . He states it was nice to see him again and asked if he changed his mind about the offer. But John stares blankly at him. The young guy knows there is going to be trouble so yells to stop him and draws his gun.

John does the exact same thing. Just as the first shot is fired by the young guy, John sees things slow down and the bullet coming. John fires his gun toward the incoming bullet and they stop each other. John takes cover behind some crates. The man fires rounds at him, as well as John. John finds that he has a good shot and wonders how and why he knows these things. Other workers in the paper headquarters start firing at John too. His shot becomes better due to his power. Soon he is hitting everyone where he in the spot he wants, in hopes of not killing anyone. His cover is slowly being destroyed, so runs for his life in the city streets. Tasers and bullets flying at him. Not only are the police after him, but the agents who work in that paper headquarters are chasing him too. John is climbing buildings, jumping off rooftops, and jumping into windows to get into homes as a shortcut. As he is hiding in a building, he overhears two under cover agents posing as police officers talking. They were saying Bishop needed more information on Dolan at the Primatech Headquarters in New Jersey a while back, but now its too late. John then crouch walks over to a window, stands up, and then jumps out. The chase starts up again.

Now onto a roof thirty feet in the air, surrounded by the officers, he runs and jumps off the building, into the sea. But while jumping, a soldier shoots him in the leg, and the jump suddenly turns into a fall. He lands in the water, but after that there is no movement. The soldiers are in disbelieve that the had just killed their assignment and go home. But about twenty minutes later, John comes up from the water and heads for shore. He now knows where to go for answers. He is in search for the Primatech Headquarters

Enter the Headquarters

John, now arrives in New Jersey, and sees himself on the news, saying he is a wanted man, that can be anywhere and to take caution. He finds the space station. As John enters the building, he cautions himself in case an of emergency. He sees some people walking around and then finds these main offices with pictures of some evolved humans he met on this wall. He storms in with his gun out. He is asking who is in charge, but nobody responds. He asks where Bishop is but still no response. He overpowers one of the guard and takes him hostage. He tells one of the office workers to look up is name. He tells John he doesn't know him. But John sees his picture on that same wall and knows they are lying. He demands answers, so he looks up his name.

He finds that everything on him has been deleted. Though an agent started walking towards them with some files of him. He says that not everything is here but it is a start. He mentions his father escaped from them, but before he could finish his sentence, the agent opens the folder and sees a set bomb so all you had to do was barely open it. The agent unknowingly did and all of a sudden several explosions occur in the building. The fire department comes, and stops the fire.

Back at New York, Thompson Jr. receives a report of the fire. It is said that nothing survived the fire. Papers, info, people, nothing. It was also said that no one got out of the building, even John. But Bob puts this mission behind him and moves on to the next target.

Back to Start

A few days has passed since the fire. Many other people have been captured, and John has been moved to the deceased category in the database. However an agent comes running in yelling that just about every prisoner has has been set free in Level 5. Bob furiously asks how this happened. He demands the agent to put in the surveillance tape of all the levels. He does but shows nothing is wrong. When Bob looks at the setting on the disc, he sees that it was from a week ago. It was a recorded copy taken a few days before the present time. Suddenly another agent at a desk calls Thompson Jr. over. It is an instant security footage of the streets of Rome.

The agent puts it up on the big screen for everyone to see as John stands at a bus station. As he stands, he thinks back over the time passed. He feels as if there was no progress to him recovering his memory. He then stares strait into the video camera watching them and and smiles. Just then, the instant video fails and has no signal. When the video comes back on a minute later, John is gone. They search every instant video of every single street of Rome, but nothing. As Thompson Jr. watches this failure, all he thinks about is his new priority one.

John moves from place to place, avoiding the Company. Though he feels he is back to where he started, but he knows enough. His name was John Dolan, and would stop at nothing, to stop this organization. He walks cameras, he walks the streets looking for evolved humans, trying to help them.


  • John's labor in Russia was packaging/loading trucks full of goods and weapons, occasionally drugs.
  • The events above happened in about 4 days


  • John apparently knows fluent Russian, and a bit of Croatian.
  • John also appears to know how to fight, and have a good shot with a gun.

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