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Sonny trying to get over the pain of being thrown at a car, by his father.

Date of event: 2008-2009

This is the story of Sonny's past.

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Here is the truth about Sonny's past. He was a young boy, about six went his father left him and his mother. He grew up being made fun of at school and not having a very wealthy life. At age 19, his abilities manifested. He was walking home one day from the drug store, and saw a high school kid to ask for some change. He walked over to him and all these metal objects started floating. Sonny had no idea what was going on. The kid turned around and saw what Sonny was doing. As the kid put out his hand, a dumpster cam flying at him. But when Sonny flinched he saw a it stop in mid air, landing on a forcefield. Sonny ran after the kid but lost him. He practiced this power at home with forks and knives. Sonny felt good.

One day, a man with a pair horn-rimmed glasses, and a bald man with his daughter, offered him a job. He refused but the man was very persistent. But he let it go and left. When he was about fourteen his mother was shot dead, by a team of soldiers searching for him. He ran, fast, as far as he could. It was getting hard to find places to hide. He kept running until someone came down from the sky and swooped him up.

It was his father John, who he hadn't seen in ten years. They landed in Russia where it was safe. He said he was sorry for leaving, but he had to when he found out about a company he had left coming for him. Sonny couldn't believe the things he was hearing and ran away. John came after him, and said he cannot leave. He warned that there are people who can find him easily, hearing his thoughts, or even seeing where you are in the world. But Sonny wouldn't listen to the man who had abandoned him. Sonny threw a crowbar strait at his stomach. But John blocked it with a forcefield, then threw Sonny into a cab. John said for him to do what he wants, but wiped his entire memory, saying he cant know a thing when they come for him. He then flew away, just after leaving his son unconscious.


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