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Jonathan Walker
Ben Franklin in 1752.jpg
In-story stats
Known ability Sedation
Nicknames Sleeping pills,
Date of death 1978
Home Detroit, MI
Occupation History Professor
Parent Ida May Walker (deceased)
Child James Walker
Grandchild Molly Walker

Jonathan Walker was a founder of the Company. He was the son of Ida May Walker, father of James Walker and grandfather of Molly Walker. He was an evolved human with the ability to cause a target to fall into a hypnotized or sedated state.

Character History


Jonathan was a professor in Arlington University. Angela Shaw, Bob Bishop, Daniel Linderman, Charles Deveaux and Millie Houston were all taught by him. One day, Angela complained to him that she can't sleep because her nightmare, and Jonathan revealed to her that he can make people sleep happily. Angela let him try, although she still saw the future, the dreams were less brutal and more delightful.

After Company was founded

Adam's betrayal made all founders knew that, they needed a compassionate and democratic leader, but not a psychopath. Because of that, Jonathan suggested that they should establish a council to run the Company, and his suggestion was adopted. In the selection of council leader, almost all founders voted for Jonathan, so he became the second leader of the Company.

In April of 1978, Jonathan went to bag and tag an evolved human with Richard Drucker. Before the mission, Jonathan knew that Samson Gray was going to betray the Company, so Drucker leafed out the whereabouts of Walker (Drucker was Samson's ally). Samson killed him, and stole his power.

Evolved Human Abilities

Jonathan had the ability to cause a target to fall into a sedated state. If Angela is sedated by this ability, she can still dream about the future.