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Nirand Shekhar
Portrayed by Shishir Kurup
First appearance Genesis
In-story stats
Known ability Invisibility
Age 54
Home Madras, India
Occupations Founding member of the Company,
University professor

Nirand is a colleague of Chandra's and Mohinder's at Chennai University in Madras, India, and he is an evolved human who has the power of Invisibility.

Character History


Nirand tells Mohinder about Chandra's death. He attempts to persuade Mohinder to leave everything well enough alone, and is convinced that Chandra's death was a random act of violence.

Nirand with Mohinder at Chandra's funeral

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Nirand and Mohinder talk after Chandra's funeral. He tells Mohinder that he hasn't canceled his classes for the new semester, and that he can have his father's old office if he likes. When he sees Mira, he suggests that there may be more for Mohinder in India than just a job.


Mohinder and Nirand discuss the dreams Mohinder has been having. Nirand remains skeptical and claims they were simply dreams, citing Freud as support. Mohinder tells him that in the dreams, they were discussing the sister he never knew he had. He shows Nirand Sanjog's file, including the part about the boy entering others' dreams.

Mohinder and Nirand attempt to locate Sanjog Iyer. Eventually, a man directs them to Sanjog, who is playing with a soccer ball with a group of other kids. Mohinder approaches Sanjog and asks about the dreams, hoping the boy can tell him what to do, but Sanjog merely tells him he already knows the answer.

Back in Chandra's office, Mohinder has another dream, in which he sees his father trying to persuade Nirand about Sanjog's abilities ... just as he himself had done earlier. Again, Nirand cites Freud in his argument that Sanjog is merely a manifestation of the subconscious.


Nirand teams up with Mr. Thompson and captures Flint Gordon, Jr. in an alley invisibly.


  • Based on Mohinder's dream, it's clear that Nirand knew very well that Sanjog was not merely a manifestation of Mohinder's subconscious, since he had earlier talked about him with Chandra. He knew about Shanti's death as well. His motivation for attempting to dissuade Mohinder is because he tries to hide the truth about evolved humans' existence.
  • Nirand is the "Invisible Man" that Flint mentions in Villains.
  • It is interesting to note that Shishir Kurup's character in Heroes mirrors a character he portrayed on Lost: Both Nirand and Donovan are university professors and best friends to a main character (Mohinder and Desmond, respectively). Both men play the straight man to their friend's seemingly insane-yet-true theories and ideas (Mohinder's theories on evolution and people with special abilities; Desmond's thoughts on being stuck in a time loop).