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Old Man Tien
Portrayed by Unknown
In-story stats
Known ability Amrita
Formal name Unknown
Alias Old Man Tien
Nicknames General Tien,
Greatest agent in the history of Service Society
Age 563
Date of birth 1446
Dates of marriage 1472,
Home Nanjing, China (1986 - )
Singapore, Britain (1910 - 1927)
Strasbourg, France (1963 - 1972)
Isle of Home (1899 - 1910, 1972 - 1986)
Constantinople, Ottoman Empire (1897 - 1899)
Shanhaiguan, China (1632 - 1644)
Seoul, Korea (1592 - 1602)
Hong Kong, China (1446 - 1486)
Residence a repair workshop in Lan Wei Alley
Occupations Warrior,
Agent of Service Society (retired),
Founder of UCEM
Significant other 8 women
Children 6 sons (Died in 1592, 1603, 1778, 1895, 1943, 1973),
2 daughters(Died in 1813, 1977)
Grandchildren 12 grandsons,
27 granddaughters

Old Man Tien is a former agent of Service Society, and the founder of UCEM. He joined Service Society in 1862. Until he retired in 1983, he is the greatest agent of Service Society. Also, due to his endless life, he becomes a master of all martial arts, like kung fu, swordsmanship, and he is a marksman too. He is an evolved human with the ability to live forever.

Character History

Before 1862

Before he joins Service Society, he is a warrior of Chinese Empire, working for Ming Dynasty and Ching Dynasty. According to Amos Blake, Chen Huang Hui was the first brain man, and he was killed by Tien in 1626. Their fight caused a huge explosion in an arsenal in Beijing, 20,000 people died because of the explosion.