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Carlos's ability
Carloss ability.jpg
Carlos divines the future through a book.
Held by: Carlos Mendez (deceased)
Ability to: Divine hints about the future

Carlos's ability is the ability to divine hints about the future by examining compulsively-chosen books.



Carlos Mendez

Carlos used this ability to foresee hints of the future by going into a trance, much like other precognitive abilities, and selecting items that will suggest the future. He appears to have control over what he predicts. It is unknown if he could only use books to predict the future. He noted that his ability is highly interpretive; since Angela's request, Gabriel's future, is very general, his choices have nebulous value, though he was only trying to validate Angela's dreams. It is not known how his ability would work on a more specific topic.


  • In 1977, Carlos divines Gabriel's future by selecting books off the shelves of the New York Public library. He chooses How Things Work (implying Gabriel's ability), a book about Mohicans that he opens to the section on scalping (implying his means of killing), a medical textbook that he opens to the neurology portion (implying his fascination with the brain), The Joy of Cooking and its recipes for Belgian waffles (the food he would feed his son), ziti (which his future wife would cook him), and peach pie (which she would bring him); the novels Mystery at Big Ben (implying his future interest in clocks and his job with them) and The Brothers Karamazov (implying he'll be one of three boys).


  • It is possible that Carlos's ability is precognition, like his son, and it manifests differently because Carlos is a lover of books where as Isaac is a painter.

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