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Carlos Mendez
Carlos Mendez (The World Entire).jpg
Portrayed by Tom Selleck
First appearance The Face In My Mind
In-story stats
Known ability Carlos's ability
Date of death 2007
Home New York, NY
Residence Carlos Mendez's apartment
Occupation Company Founder
Significant other Christina Mendez (wife)
Child Isaac Mendez (deceased)

Carlos Mendez is a version of Carlos Mendez in The World Entire universe. He was a Special and a founder of The Company.

Character History

The Child In My Dreams

In the year of 1989, Angela Petrelli asks Maury Parkman when he saw Carlos last.

The Face In My Mind

In 1989 Angela and Maury Parkman visit Carlos at his apartment. Carlos is happy to see them and welcomes them into his home, calling for his son to introduce himself. Angela asks Isaac if he still draws and Carlos happily states that Isaac is very talented. Once Angela asks Isaac to draw a picture for her, Carlos becomes worried and tells Angela he wishes she would stop mixing business with personal visits.

Falling Angels

In 1977, Angela brings a baby Gabriel to meet Carlos at New York Public Library. Carlos is happy to see them and agrees to use his ability to determine what Gabriel's future will be. Carlos then enters a sort of trance state as he walks throughout several corridors and pulls seemingly random books off of shelves. Once finished, Carlos shows Angela the books and the two attempt to determine what they could do with Gabriel. After deducting that Angela's dream coincides with the books Carlos pulled out, Angela suggests to Carlos that he and Christina, his wife, have a child. Carlos admits that they want a child but he worries that being away all the time due to The Company would be a bad way to raise a kid. Angela corrects him and tells him not to use them as an excuse. Carlos then states that he believes that calling their organization "The Company" sounds villainous.

The Moment Of Conflict

In 1975, Carlos arrives at Charles Deveaux's rooftop alongisde Paula Gramble and three other individuals soon revealed to be Victoria Pratt, Susan Amman and Harry Fletcher. Carlos introduces the newcomers to Charles, "the Realtor", Arthur Petrelli, "the Lawyer", Angela, "the Socialite", Kaito Nakamura, "the Businessman" and Robert Bishop "the Financier". Carlos also introduces Paula as "the Recruiter" and himself as "the Historian".

Daniel Linderman then arrives and introduces everyone to Adam Monroe, an immortal. After a brief silence, Carlos simply jokes that they didn't need another Brit.

Evolved Human Abilities

Carlos possessed the ability to interpret the future via randomly selected books. Carlos demonstrated his ability when he quickly moved through several corridors and pulled out books that correctly predicted Gabriel Gray's future.


  • Carlos was reported dead by Matt Parkman however his exact cause of death is unknown.

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