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Echo DeMille
Echo De Mille.jpg
Portrayed by Kiko Ellsworth
First appearance Falling Angels
In-story stats
Known ability Sound manipulation
Age 27
Date of birth December 9, 1983
Place of birth San Diego, CA
Home Fort Lee, NJ
Occupation Agent of The Pinehearst Company
Significant other Gina (wife)
Child Unborn child

Echo DeMille is a version of Echo DeMille in The World Entire universe. He is a Special and an agent with The Pinehearst Company.

Character History

My Firefly

Echo does not appear and is not mentioned in this series.

Volume One: Cataclysm

Echo becomes part of Claire Bennet's team after the deaths of Know and Daphne Parkman. He is first seen at the Port Reyes Prison breakout trying to subdue rogue inmates. He uses his ability to hum in the face of an unnamed inmate, rendering him unconscious. Echo is however knocked out himself (Falling Angels). After Sylar's attack on the prison yard, Echo is part of the cleanup effort until Claire allows him to attend Gina's "appointment" (Returning Ghosts). Echo is in attendance for Arthur Petrelli's motivation speech. He wears what appears to be a wedding ring (Beckoning Titans).

When Barbara Zimmerman returns and is summarily dismissed (and defenestrated) by Arthur, Echo balks at his inhumanity, but insincerely recants against Arthur's thinly veiled threats. Echo is part of the first wave during the Hartsdale Offensive, but his ability is nullified by the quick thinking of Lyle Bennet and earplugs. He is subdued by Monica Dawson. He is saved by Arthur's recently acquired teleportation. He teams up with Edward Pall and tries to aid Claire in fighting Elle Bishop and Bess Detskij. Echo attacks using his ability, but when Bess easily dodges it and Elle takes out Edward, Echo instead makes his way to the atrium. Piper Johanssen is facing off against Ryan Covington, and she is handcuffed to a railing with the assistance of Gabriel Gray. Echo screams at them, but the attack is ineffective against Gabriel, who grabs hold of him. Echo cleverly points out that Claire is fighting his wife, so Gabriel screams Echo across the room. Echo survives but is forced to flee when Claire deserts them and the Company takes the upper hand. However, when he and the other Pinehearst arrive back at headquarters, they see it burning to the ground (The Moment of Conflict). Moments later, Meredith Gordon reveals herself as the perpetrator of the arson, explaining that Barbara had double-crossed Pinehearst. Echo quickly resigns, promising to disappear with his wife Gina, who is pregnant; Meredith replies that the Company will gladly relocate them. Echo throws his pin to the ground. He later joins up with the grassroots team trying to fix the Earth's cracks, using his ability to move water (The Truth of the Moment). Echo is first Special to request that his ability be removed by Peter Petrelli (The Moments to Come).

Evolved Human Abilities

Echo has the ability to mimic and amplify sounds, including creating powerful sonic blasts. He uses his ability frequently during the series, usually offensively against enemies. He loses his ability during the Ability Loss Epidemic, but, being a Natural, his abilities return. He, however, asks for Peter Petrelli to remove them.

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  • For the canon version of this character in the present, see Echo DeMille.

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