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Flint Gordon
Portrayed by Blake Shields
First appearance What We Have Become
In-story stats
Known ability Pyrokinesis
Formal name Flint Gordon, Jr.
Age 35
Date of birth March 9, 1976
Place of birth Kingsland, AR
Occupation former Agent of Pinehearst
Parents Flint Gordon, Sr.,
Rose Gordon
Sibling Meredith Gordon
Other relatives Nieces:
Claire Bennet,
Savannah Rose Lemay,
Howard Lemay

Flint Gordon is a version of Flint Gordon in The World Entire universe. He was an agent with the Pinehearst Company until its destruction and is now a prisoner at Primatech Hartsdale.

Character History

Volume One: Cataclysm

Flint was an agent of The Pinehearst Company. He is first tasked by Arthur Petrelli to dispose of Ando Masahashi's body, which he does without removing it from Arthur's office. He is later tasked with "welcoming" Matt Parkman, but he fails when Matt creates illusions, tricking him into attacked guards.

Flint joins Claire Bennet's team, and is present at the Port Reyes Prison breakout, where he runs into his his sister. After Sylar's massacre, he aids in the cleanup effort by removing bodies and blazing the area afterwards.

Flint remains loyal to Arthur, joining in on the planning meeting for the Hartsdale Offensive, in which he participates. Flint fights against Victor and Sparrow, and is subdued and locked up by them, but he escapes. However, after Claire deserts them, he and the rest of the Pinehearst agents take advantage of Angela's offer to retreat. Upon reaching Pinehearst Headquarters, they discover it burning to the ground. Flint immediately realizes by the structure of the burn that it was destroyed by a pryokinetic, and Meredith reveals herself to be the culprit.

What Flint does afterwards is unknown. While some of his fellow agents join the Powered Legion, Flint does not. He loses his ability in the Epidemic and is incarcerated at Primatech Hartsdale for rehabilitation and agent conscription. He is visited by Meredith, her husband, and their daughter, Flint's niece, and he seems content with the plans the Company has for him.

Evolved Human Abilities

Flint has the ability to create and manipulate fire with his mind. He demonstrates advanced control over his ability, and will often keep the fires he creates burning just for amusement. Flames that he creates are always blue to blue-ish white, indicating that they are burning at a high temperature that he describes as "extra hot".



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