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Savannah Rose Lemay
Portrayed by Sara Paxton,
Unknown actress
First appearance The Blood Between Us
In-story stats
Known ability Heat generation
Alias Savannah Rose Gordon
Age 19
Date of birth February 13, 2010
Place of birth Barstow, CA
Home New York, NY,
Midland, TX (former),
Barstow, CA (former)
Residence The Deveaux Building
Parents Meredith Gordon,
Howard Lemay
Grandparents Maternal Grandparents:
Flint Gordon, Sr. (deceased),
Rose Gordon (deceased)
Sibling Claire Bennet (half-sister)
Other relatives Uncle:
Flint Gordon

Savannah Rose Lemay is a character in The World Entire universe. She is a Special and the daughter of Meredith Gordon and Howard Lemay.

Character History

Volume One: Cataclysm

Savannah is introduced when Meredith brings her and her father to visit Uncle Flint in prison. She wears mittens to keep her ability in check, but Meredith removes them to show Flint her ability.

Volume Two: Progeny

Savannah moves from Midland, Texas with her mother to New York City to live with her father. After talking with her mother on the phone, she visits briefly with Daniella Parkman and Matthew McHenry before having dinner with her father. That night, she spends time on the rooftop when Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi emerge through the timestream and ask to see Noah Bennet.

The next day, she and Howard take the duo to the Company Headquarters to meet Peter Petrelli.

Evolved Human Abilities

Savannah has the ability to generate heat from her hands. As an infant, the ability manifested as small firework-like sparks, but as a young adult, the ability is simply powerful waves of heat generated by her hands. Because of her improved control, she now finds it difficult to create fireworks.

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