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The Haitian (exposed future).jpg
Portrayed by Jimmy Jean-Louis
First appearance The Blood Between Us
In-story stats
Known ability Mental manipulation
Aliases The Haitian,
Mr. Bokor
Date of death December 22, 2012
Home Odessa, TX,
formerly New York, NY,
formerly a village in Haiti
Occupations Regional Director of Primatech Odessa,
former agent of the Company,
former agent of the Pinehearst Company
Parent Guillame (deceased)
Sibling Baron Samedi (half-brother)

René was a version of The Haitian (exposed future) in The World Entire universe. He was a Special.

Character History

Volume One: Cataclysm

René, who is still only known by the alias "The Haitian" is an agent of Pinehearst working with Claire Bennet. After past Peter Petrelli scalps Nathan Petrelli, he is escorted out of the room so that Claire can save the President.

The Haitian prevents Matt Parkman from using his illusions to escape during his invasion to retrieve Daphne. While guarding him, Matt escapes jumping through the window and stealing a bag of Claire's blood heal himself after the five-story fall. The Haitian relays this information to Arthur and Claire via the security cameras. He subsequently asks Claire why she remains loyal to Arthur when she's aware he lies to and manipulates her. Claire replies she's willing to work for the Devil to save the world and questions his previous loyalty to Angela, which the Haitian answers with his characteristic silence.

The Haitian is part of the Hartsdale Offensive, but it is there where he reveals his true loyalties. Though working for Arthur, he has been Angela Petrelli's mole, protecting Claire from Arthur. He has also been aiding Peter and his teammates by allowing Matt to fake his escape from Pinehearst and providing Mohinder with the other half of the Formula to synthesize the Antidote. When Arthur asks for Angela's alleged mole to speak up, the mute Haitian doesn't, but he does wipe Arthur's mind, rendering him vegetative.

The Haitian officially rejoins the Company after the fall of Pinehearst and is appointed Regional Director of Primatech Odessa.

Volume Two: Progeny

On December 22, 2012, René, going by the alias "Mr. Bokor", reports in about his region to President Nathan Petrelli, adding that Peter has predicted his daughter's birth would occur that day. This turns out to be correct, unfortunately, as it precedes the Odessa Disaster, destroying Odessa in a nuclear explosion, killing him.

René's death is confirmed when Hannah notices his portrait on the memorial wall of Primatech Midland.

Evolved Human Abilities

René has the ability to manipulate upper brain functions, enabling the user to render others unconscious, erase their memories, and negate the use of abilities. René has used his ability to block Matt's ability and was ushered out to prevent him from doing the same to Claire's. He also used his ability to wipe Arthur's mind completely, putting him into a vegetative state.

Memorable Quotes


- René "speaking up" against Arthur


  • René's death is not directly mentioned until his picture is shown on the memorial wall. This was done intentionally by the writer, Christopher VanDrey, to make his death more tragic.


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