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Angela Petrelli
Angela petrelli.jpg
Portrayed by Cristine Rose (60s),
Holly Marie Combs (30s)
First appearance In That Very Moment
In-story stats
Known ability Precognitive dreaming
Formal name Angela Shaw Petrelli
Nickname Angie
Age 66
Date of birth May 4, 1945
Place of birth New York, NY
Date of marriage 1964
Home New York, NY
Residence Mansion in New York
Occupation Head Director of The Company (retired)
Significant others Arthur Petrelli (husband, estranged)
Parents Mr. Shaw (deceased),
Mrs. Shaw (deceased)
Children Nathan Petrelli,
Gabriel Gray,
Peter Petrelli
Grandchildren Claire Bennet,
Simon Petrelli,
Monty Petrelli,
Noah Gray,
Andrew Petrelli,
Unnamed girl
Sibling Alice Shaw
Other relatives Daughters-in-law:
Heidi Petrelli (former),
Tracy Petrelli,
Elle Gray

Angela Petrelli, born Angela Shaw, is a version of Angela Petrelli in the Exposed Future in The World Entire universe. She is a Special and and the Head Director of The Company as well as the acting Regional Director of Primatech Barstow and Primatech Hartsdale.

Character History

Angela is very similar to her canon counterpart: cordial but manipulative and haughty. She is brutally honest and without tact. Despite this, she shows great intelligence and cleverness, and appears to love her sons and grandchildren. Despite being estranged, she is still in love with her husband, though is detached enough to deal with him coldly.

My Firefly

Angela is a prominent secondary character in My Firefly. After Elle Bishop returns to avenge her father against Gabriel Gray, Angela, admiring her fortitude and courage, rehires her, noting cryptically that she will be useful (In That Very Moment). After Elle's reinstatement, Angela apparently gives her full access to Gabriel, allowing her to electrocute him whenever she desires. When Gabriel and Elle first make love, Elle realizes that Angela is able to watch them on the security cameras (Hasn't Happened Yet). Angela puts Elle on warden duty for "poor performance" during a bag-and-tag, leading Elle to realize she's pregnant. After Gabriel and Elle's son's birth, Gabriel refuses to use his ability, causing Angela to fire him and declare that he protect his child (Two Auras).

Volume One: Cataclysm

In 2011, Angela sends out Meredith Gordon and Victor Abano to the destroyed Costa Verde to retrieve a rogue Special. Back in 1989, she visits Maury Parkman and asks him to move the image of a face that she'd dreamt about into her permanent memory. She also asks him to visit Carlos Mendez with her (The Child in My Dreams). The two of them do visit Carlos, where they commission Carlos's young son Isaac Mendez to draw something, which is the child that Angela dreamt about (The Child in My Mind). In 1999, Angela recruits Kaito Nakamura and Victoria Pratt to divine the identity of the dream-child's mother, knowing the father is one of her sons. She has the biologist Victoria prepare a 10-page summary of genetic inheritance, which Kaito studies and then examines the variables. Kaito believes it's Claire until studying the combination of the adopted-out Gabriel and one of two petite blonds (Angela excludes one of them but accepts the other). Kaito believes that the child will have resurrection abilities. Sure enough, back in 2011, Meredith and Victor come upon the Special, and it's none other than the resurrected and invulnerable Noah Gray (The Blood Between Us).

When Meredith calls it in, she is surprised to find out that Angela was expecting Noah's survival. At the Primatech Lab, Angela greets her grandson and Meredith confronts her about knowing about Noah, asking if she'd planned him, which Angela dismisses (Second Chances). When Gabriel and Elle arrive later, Meredith forces Angela to reveal her foreknowledge, which Angela gladly does. Gabriel is merely annoyed, though Elle is furious, but Angela calms her by explaining Noah's power. Tracy drops by to discuss the whereabouts of the past Peter with them. Angela is uncooperative, defending her son (Families).

Evolved Human Abilities

Angela has the ability to see the future while dreaming. She succesfully predicts the birth of Noah Gray and the attack on the Hartsdale branch.

Memorable Quotes

"So, Noah, is he one of your experiments?"
"No, I just knew he was coming. Waited almost twenty years for him to come along. And I made sure that nothing got in the way."

- Meredith, Angela (Second Chances)

"She hasn’t been through orientation yet, Dear. Miss Hanson, first rule is, we don’t shoot my son"

- Angela to Elle and Audrey Hanson (What We Have Become)

"You’re powerful, Ma. You run this Company with an iron fist."
"It’s true. And when I stand before my Maker on Judgment Day, I’ll have a lot to atone for."

- Gabriel, Angela (The Truth of the Moment)



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