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The Formula compound

The Formula compound in a syringe, dyed red

Owned by: Pinehearst Company

The Formula compound, marketed as the Evolution shot, is a chemical that imbues ordinary humans with Special abilities. People who take the shot are called Synthetics. It is a version of the genetic modification formula in The World Entire universe.


The Formula compound was produced en masse by The Pinehearst Company and freely sold to the public for a high but not exorbitant price. The original serum is actually clear to faint pink, making it indistinguishable from water, so the Pinehearst Company began dyeing it sometime after 2008 to make it more appealing.

By 2011, the Formula's recipe had be stolen by Hiro Nakamura and its factories bombed by Peter Petrelli, rendering the formerly abandant chemical rare, and increasing its value exponentially.

Though The Pinehearst Company claimed it was distributing the chemical responsibly, Arthur was in fact providing minimal security for the shipments of the chemical, allowing it to fall into the hands of common criminals and dictatorial warlords alike. He was doing this intentionally so that the entire world's population would have abilities.

Arthur eventually used the last 151 doses of the Formula to inject soldiers wanting to join the Powered Legion, making it his own private army.

While producing the Antidote, Mohinder in the process also produced several gallons of the compound. The Antidote caused an intolerance of the compound for those not predisposed to abilities (Naturals and those closely related to Naturals). Peter used some of Mohinder's stockpile to return abilities to a select few people.


  • The serum and the sheet of paper containing its chemical diagram are both called "the Formula" interchangeably.