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People explode all the time, everywhere, every place, every day. It is inevitable. But, on the rarest of occassions, an entire city will burst into flames, consumed by its own infidelities and wrongdoings. New York is one such city. New Jersey is one such state. Earth is one such planet. The universe is one such universe. All of which will fall to the spontaneous combustions of modern society. And in these times of needs, one scientist with ask a simple question, one which many deem unanswerable and unforgiving: how do you stop an exploding man? Well, this is how to stop an exploding man...


Story Development

Charles Deveaux's rooftop · Death



D.L. stands over Linderman's corpse, sits down in his office chair, and sighs, believing the war to be over. As he questions what to do next, Linderman's eye bolts open, and he glares around the room quickly, unable to find his killer. Suddenly, D.L. phases through the wall and pins Linderman against the ceiling, demanding to know how he is back alive. Linderman tells him that is it God's plan, to which D.L. retorts by punching him in the chest, killing him once again. Guards break through the door, but D.L. slays them all and retreats into the night.

In the dead of the night, Kaito finds himself on the rooftop, overseeing the up-and-coming battle against Sylar, when Angela stands next to him and tells him about Linderman's two deaths at the hands of D.L.. Kaito is unsurprised, and explains that he knew there was something special about D.L., although Angela has doubts. Kaito angrily tells Angela that D.L. is the key to the world's future, but Angela slaps him, telling him to get a grip. Kaito vows revenge against her, and tells her that he will gain the help of D.L. to destroy her. Kaito walks away, leaving Angela to quake in fear.

Memorable Quotes

"This is God's plan."

"God's plan isn't stronger than my fist!"

- Linderman, D.L.

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