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User:Eclipse vs Petrelli

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Portrayed by A Monkey
Nickname Monkeyman
Powers Pyrokineses
Aliases Eclipse, Petrelli
Sex Question symbol green.PNG
Age 93075
Date of birth 30th February
Occupation Work in Sam's Comics
Favorite Heroes quote JFK please
Favorite quote Laugh it up fuzzball
Favorite color Red
Favorite episode The Eclipse Part 2
Favorite graphic novel Mugglescatalyst.jpg
Favorite actor David Tennant
Favorite actress Billie Piper
Favorite Heroes actor Jack Coleman
Favorite Heroes actress Kristen Bell
Favorite character Sylar or The Haitian
Least favorite character Ummm.......The God
Favorite power Invisibility
Favorite fruit Banana
Favorite sport Football or Soccer
I am from the
United Kingdom

Favourite Songs Of The Week

1. Right Now (Na Na Na) -- Akon

2. Mad -- Ne-Yo

3. Use Somebody -- Kings Of Leon

4. Human -- The Killers

5. Better -- Boyzone

6. Good Days Bad Days -- Kaiser Chiefs

7. Cash In My Pocket -- Wiley ft. Daniel Merriweather & Mark Ronson

8. Dangerous -- Kardinal Offishal ft. Akon

9. Joy Ride -- The Killers

10. Crack The Shutters -- Snow Patrol

Dave Bennet.JPG This user is a fan of Dave Bennet.

Waffles.jpg This user is a fan of James Bond.

Linderman face.jpg This user is a fan of Linderman.

This user is not a fan of Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box.

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