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Loose threads is a canon analysis. The information has come from canon sources.

Elemental Manipulator/Loose threads

Future Peter's scar is a good example of a loose thread.

Loose threads are storylines or plot elements that have gone unanswered or disregarded on the show.

Season 1 Loose threads

  • The person Claude was hiding. In Company Man, it was revealed that Claude was hiding the identity of another evolved human, before he fell off the radar. However, this person as never been revealed.

Season 2 Loose threads

  • Kaito Nakamura's ability. Several interviews revealed that Kaito Nakamura had an ability. The fact that he was a founder of The Company also implies that he has an ability. A deleted scene from Four Months Later... revealed that he had the ability of accelerated probability, however, as it was not aired it is not considered canon. Since then there has been no mention of his ability and it is unknown when and if it will be truly revealed.
  • Caitlin's whereabouts. In Out of Time, Peter and Caitlin found themselves in the Outbreak future. They were separated, and when Peter found her again he unintentionally teleported back to his own time, leaving her trapped in the future. After Strain 138 of the Shanti virus was destroyed, the Outbreak future became non-existent. What happened to Caitlin wasn't revealed and it is assumed she became the first time casualty.
  • The eleventh bride of Kensei. While trapped inside a coffin, Adam Monroe lamented on all the people he had loved and lost. At the end of the graphic novel, it was revealed that he had an eleventh bride that he believed would rescue him. However, when he turned to dust the identity of this person died with him.

Season 3 Loose threads

  • Peter's scar (again). A different future Peter also has a large diagonal scar across his face. One again, it was not revealed how he got it.
  • The Company's prisoners. After the Level 5 incident at least a dozen high risk evolved humans were able to escape Primatech. Some were killed, some were recaptured and some were still at large. After the destruction of Primatech, the recaptured escapees were freed again. The current status of the at large escapees is unknown. Also, it is not known what became of other Company captives, like Manhattan target and Piper's sister Debbie.
  • Flight 195 fugitives. There were many other fugitives on the plane. Some were new characters but others (although unseen) were characters we know of - Monica Dawson, Nana Dawson, etc. What happened to these people after the crash is unknown.


<gallery> Image:Claude falls.jpg|Claude protects a person's identity. Image:Kaito's ability.jpg|Kaito's ability was revealed in a deleted scene, but isn't canon. Image:Outbreak Future (Screen 2).jpg|Caitlin was trapped in a future timeline when it became non-existent. Image:Vault.jpg|The Company keeps many items in a secure vault. Image:The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei.jpg|Adam took the identity of his 11th bride to his grave. Image:Changes to future peter.jpg|Another future Peter has the same scar. Image:Level 5 Prisoners.jpg|Some Level 5 escapees are still at large. Image:Flight 195 Passenger List.jpg|The status of some of these fugitives is unknown. <gallery>