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{{User infobox
| name = Karl 'eXplicit' Barbour
| nick = eXplicit
| alias = Trigguh
| sex = Male
| home = North Eastern England
| occupation = Student
| favorite color(s) = Blue
| favorite episode =
| favorite character = [[Hiro_Nakamura|Hiro]]
| favorite power = [[Telekinesis]], [[Telepathy]] or [[Invisibility]]
==About Me==

Not much to tell, really.
* My name is Karl and I live near Newcastle, England
* I am a student
* I'm pretty gosh darn nerdy ^__^
I was introduced to [[Heroes]] shortly after [[Episode:One_Giant_Leap|Chapter Three - One Giant Leap]] and have been addicted ever since. As I live in England, however, I have to resort to (legally) watching the latest episodes online as our TV currently only shows [[Season_One|Season One]].
* [ Personal Website -]
[[Category: Heroes Wiki Contributor]]
* [[User:Explicit/Signature|Signature]] ( [[User:Explicit/autosig|autosig]] )

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