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Mna 2.jpg

Mna used to work for The Company,but now he is a Fugitive hiding from Danko He was last seen in Kirby Plaza Recieving Texts from a Rebel

Season 1

Oh look an eclipse

Mna is undercover for the company pretending to work for Adam Monroe.

Only the beginning

Mna gets his mission details from Angela. He is told to work with a new agent that the company are finding now.

Peter's Sofa

Mna uses Peter Petrelli's money on buying a new stylish sofa instead of buying a formula that gives people power's much to Peter's dislike.

Fight Fire With Empathic Mimicry

Mna spends time with Matt.And helps him discover the true extent of his ability.


Mna goes on holiday while Adam creates an evil team.

Season 2

Mna's Secret

Mna owns a chest with many secrets in it.

Season 3

Oh Crap Were Fugitives

Mna returns from his holiday and is seen stealing the Batmobile.While making a joke about 2 fugitives without knowing the future.


Mna is back in level 2 trying to stop parallel Peter.

Run Now!!!

Mna kills Adam but gets sent to a parallel universe.

Season 4

Look Another Eclipse

The evil eclipse cast a shadow over the heroes forever, Mna returns from the other universe.

The Eclipse Returns Part 1

Mna tells Angela what happens now. The heroes lock up Parallel Peter & Adam Monroe.

The Eclipse Returns Part 2

A massive breakout ensures in Primatech while the heroes and villains get thier abilities back. Mna tries to get Doyle but gets knocked uncoinsious.

8 Years Later

Mna lives alone but is still in touch with primatech.He is locked in a facility.

Season 5

Arthur's Ringtone

Mna hears arthur's Ringtone and finds it catchy.Only to find Arthur dead on the floor he then teleports before Pinehearst Blows up.

A Clear And Present Danger

Mna escapes the plane wreck by teleporting

Stopping The Time

Mna Gets a Vision of the D.c Bomb while hiding. He is then tazered by 6 government soliders.

Cant Escape

Rebel Shuts down the government warehouse as Mna escapes to Kirby Plaza where he gets a text message...

Flat 52

Mna gets a message from Rebel,So breaks into the government facility in Kirby Plaza and deletes all files on himself .Rebel then texts him to save Gabriel Bishop,the two both escape and stay at Kirby Plaza.

Memorable Quotes

Yes madam.

Mna to Angela.

I have seen the future. (Mna)

Is it bad? (Peter)

Slightly (Mna)

What do you think we should do Senator Petrelli ? (The President)

I want to lock them up in a facility where they can be contained. (Nathan)

(Mna Teleports)

Ehm gotta go

(Mna teleports Again)


  • He has blonde hair.
  • He is related to Dave and That Company Guy.
  • He used to like trainspotting. His saw the Odessa, TX one.
  • Mna is an anagram of man.
  • Mna has the abilities of Invisibility, Lightning and Teleportation.
  • Mna knew Charlie Andrews because he saved her.
  • Mna has personal reasons to work with company.
  • Mna looks up to Arthur Petrelli.
  • Mna hates the eclipse.
  • Mna and Matt love watching Friends.
  • Mna prefers Doctor Who season 2.
  • His real name is Michael Neville Anderson.
  • Mna got sick when the Eclipse took away his abilities.he was doing the limbo!.
  • He Is locked up next to Mohinder

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