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Cold Rain is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The seventh story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

Candace Blaine · Denise's dad ·Jordan Hayes · Freezing




As I sit here, thinking about my life, I can't help but forget the people I have hurt. Denise. Carl. And it's all my fault. If my grandfather hadn't've taken me away from her, I wouldn't've killed him. And as I know my death is approaching, I can't seem to remember the few I didn't hurt. Or whom didn't hurt me. I am writing this letter for people to know me. I did kill Carl. And I am not proud to admit it. I know she will come to freeze me. My lake any time soon. Some say its suicide for me to let myself be murdered by her. I say that it's my destiny.

I always wanted a child. Sometimes I think back to the time when Denise's heart was still beating. That maybe my child was in her when she died. It almost makes me want to cry. So I also think that it might not even be mine. So I wonder. Why I never let her go. I loved her so much, I couldn't bear the fact she had other men in her life.

I wanted to be a scientist. And have a cool microscope and I could invent cells inside a cell and have my name remembered for ever. But my grandfather ruined it. All for the UNC. It makes me want to think again that maybe this was the destiny I was supposed to follow. Both my parents and Denise's dad died due to the OKC Bombing. Both my grandpa and Denise's mom founded a company together. It makes me wonder that destiny plays a part in life. That decisions don't matter. But they do. If I had chose to ride the bus that one day, I wouldn't have met the man on the subway who had been my second best friend until Carl died; Jordan Hayes.

Jordan and I had talked night after night about these strange things happening to him. And little did I know that he was a great cop-like person. That he would be the third person in Carl and I's partnership. Oh how life changes. How people grow up and live. Or, in my case grow up and die.

Life is amazing. Life is one of the best things in life that one could ask for. And I didn't get to live mine. I could continue and try to live my life. But I know she will be here any minute. The final words I want to say are: I killed Carl. I loved Denise. And grandpa

Farwell World,

Sakamito Caramine Gulp-Ninja

He was dead. She had come and froze him. The last breaths Gulp took were the ones that future generations will never know. What was he going to say? How did someone live in that cave? And how did it get froze in the middle of Summer?

Questions and tears were all running around Seasion two months later. This was his grandson's death note. He thought back to Gulp's life and wondered that because of his death, if his death was coming up. Indeed it was. He thought that if Lake Ontario could freeze in the Summer, if this was the start of an apocolypse. He oppened a drawer and grabbed something with a crazy look on his face. His apprentice walked into the room. He smiled and asked if everything was okay. Seasion said, "No boy, sit down. Life is short. The world's life is short. The world is dying and in pain." Seasion said. The boy looked confused.

"I don't understand." The guy asked. Seasion oppened his hand and a knife was there. He stabbed his shoulder with it.

"The world is like me! Dying and in pain!" Seasion laughed maniacally and said "Do you get it now Gomer?!" Gomer screamed and ran in the other room with Seasion chasing after him.

Until the day he died, Seasion was crazy and would never let go of his knife. He said it eased his pain.

The End.

Charatcer Appearances

  • She (1)
  • Gulp's Dad (1)
  • Gulp's Mom (1)
  • Denise's Dad (1)

Scrcrambled Eggs Nominations

  • Angela Petrelli is this story's Scrambled Egg. Angela Petrelli gets this award because she went mad when she lost her son, Nathan.

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