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Robert Booth
Portrayed by Iheartheroes
First appearance The Mirror
In-story stats
Known ability Water Slicing Manipulation
Formal name Robert Booth
Occupation LCK member
Parent Robert's Mother

Robert Booth is the arch-enemy of Gulp Ninja who has the ability of Water Slicing Manipulation at a Level 3.

Character History

The Mirror

When Robert Booth, tries to kill Carl, Gulp tries to save him. But Lilly Ninja then saves them and the cops take him. But the cop car flips and he escapes. Then Lilly Ninja, Gulp, and Robert fight until Robert is finally taken to jail.


Robert and the Lighter sit in jail. They work together using their abilities to escape. Later, at Seasion's pizza shop, they bag Seasion and hold up guns yelling that the place is on lockdown. The Lighter zaps the lightning and kills all electronical equipment in the pizza shop including cell phones. Robert says that he's going to gather everybody up and tells the Lighter to stay here with them. Gulp then sees them holding the place hostage on his security camera.

Later, at the pizza shop, Seasion is hanging upside down while the others shiver in fear. The Lighter and Robert talk about how Gulp should be here any minute and that the boss will be anxious to see him. Crew Member Two shows up and says that he captured one target and he sees Seasion and says that he'll take him to the boss too. Gulp barges in and Robert smiles and says welcome to Gulp. He asks how he escaped prison and Robert smiles and says him. Gulp turns around sees the Lighter and gets zapped, rendering him unconcious.

After Gulp wakes up, Robert is at the LCK warehouse under the command of King Rosko and Rosko sends them all to fight. Lilly grabs a pipe and starts to beat Robert with it. They fight with her reflecting the water he tosses at her and she purposly makes him move into a zap ray made by the Lighter, who was tring to hit Gulp. Robert feints and Lilly kicks him into a trash can in the corner. When King Rosko escapes, he uses his ability to transport Robert to an unknown location.

Knock Out

When the guards put the Lighter in jail, Robert can be seen sitting in his cell.

A Solitary Journey

Robert walks through a field practicing his ability on daisies. He comes across this house in the middle of no where and knocks on the door. When the lady answers, he says "Hello Mother."

The Future is Set

Agent 147 returns to the New Jersey warehouse and tells King Rosko that he lost Robert, implying that there was a chase.

Evolved Human Abilities

Water Slicing Manipulation~Robert Booth has WSM at a Level 3 with the water out of his nose and fingers shown. Other parts may be used, but these are the only one's shown.


  • Robert uses his ability the opposite of Gulp Ninja, that is why the episode where Robert and Gulp meet is called, The Mirror.
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