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First mentioned Deal With the Devil
In-story stats
Residence Right Rook
Occupations Queen, formerly bishop
Parent Unnamed father; unnamed mother
Sibling Evergreen; Evergreen's twin sister

Snowflake is the queen of the chess-family.

Character History

Vignette:Deal With the Devil

Evergreen tells the Lighter and Andy Lewis about the chess-family. Snowflake was previously a bishop until their parent's death and now she is the queen. He states that she is away with the pawns looking for replacement bishops and two more pawns because the others just didn't work out.

The Future is Set

Evergreen is washing Pumpernickle and Rye and tells them that Snowflake will be home soon. Later, when he is dusting their rook, the doorbell rings. He hopes that it is Snowflake, but instead it is a Rogue Pawn.

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