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Jack Foreman
First appearance New Partner
In-story stats
Known ability Seismic Burst
Age 47
Date of birth 1960
Place of birth Tennessee
Date of death 2007
Home Chicago, IL
Occupation Former Accountant
Former Team member of Pinehearst

Jack Foreman is an evolved human.


Jack was just an accountant, who didn't have a lot of money, and could barely pay his rent. It was heartbreaking to him when he was about to be fired from his job. He was trying to convince his boss to let him stay, but wasn't working. Jack got fed up, and hit him a few times. His boss pulled a secret gun out, and went to go fire it. But Jack had put out his hands and a blast of white light, shot out from his hands. It charred him a bit, and could see some bone. Foreman was afraid and ran out of the building and ran as far as he could, away from his old life.

Character History

New Partner

Jack was brought into Pinehearst by Nina and was greeted at the door by Tommy. After Nina tells him to demonstrate his power, Tommy complements it, and they go off to see Ross.

Gained and Lost

When Jack and Tommy come in to Pinehearst talking about their assignments and their boss, Jack comes up with the idea to take over Pinehearst when they are finished with their jobs.

Gained and Lost

Jack meets Arthur, the big boss, who gives him and his friends an assignment. When they come back, they decide to attack the next day.. When they do, he shakes hands with Ross, and fires a seismic burst. Only the blast goes backwards killing him.


Ross had been using his ability to counteract Jack's ability. It charred his body and Jack fell to the floor.

Evolved Human Abilities

Jack has the ability to emit bursts of energy.

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