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Thank you and good luck to all that have entered!

Peter and Sylar compete to appear in Heroes Legends.

Date of event: August 17th - October 17th
Location: Heroes Wiki

The Heroes Legends Competition is for wiki users to have a chance for their character to be in the series.



  • You may only have one entry per person.
  • You can edit all you like to your entries until the closing date.
  • You may completely change the character and/or ability as many times as you like until the closing date.
  • NO assignment tracker is needed for the competition.
  • Keep in mind, that your character and / or ability must have a page by the closing date, otherwise it will be disqualified (No info about it wont help at all).


  • You have a choice whether the character is an evolved human or not.
  • Your character image can be a real actor/actress, whoever you favor most (As long as I haven't used them already).
  • Your character must be your own creation.


  • Your ability should be your own creation.
  • If you cannot think of an ability to create, you can choose one from Heroes, but will probably lessen your chances of winning

Other Pages

  • You may have other pages related to your entry for assistance in winning.
  • Please don't go crazy with the pages. At most 3 or 4 pages.


The user who finishes in:

First Place will have their entry become a main character.

Second Place will have their entry become a recurring character.

Third Place will have their entry become a minor character.

I have decided that everyone will get their character to appear in the series. Who ever does not win a spot in the actual places, will have their character appear once in the show. I feel this is fair as users work hard on their entries and should deserve this.


1st Place!

  • Danko with Dave Emmetts
  • AJ with Trinity Denver

2nd Place!

3rd Place!

Iheartheroes with Hank Gordman


Entry Number User Entry Character Entry Ability Other Pages
1 Danko Dave Emmetts None
2 Kyle Stevens Julien Curtis Empathy
3 AJ Trinity Denver Concussive Blasts
4 Riki009 Jason Trennan Advanced Telekinesis
5 TempestTechnopath Pete Transferal
6 Vampirate68 Kyle Dillon Evolved Human Detection
7 Iheartheroes Hank Gordman Mortal Detection 1

Other Info

  • The closing date of the competition will be has yet to be set.
  • When writing the background history of your character, make it clear if he/she is a hero, villain, or just confused.
  • If you have entered the competitions for Chronicles or Cockney Heroes, you cannot enter that same character and ability for this competition.
  • Please do not use an ability that has been used in the series already. I wish to avoid repetition as much as possible.
  • Also, do not make your character have a very powerful ability.

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