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  • Old friends meet again.
  • We see life from the past.
  • A change in emotions occur.
  • Friends try to settle their differences.

Story Development

Dave Emmetts ·


Present Time

Dave Emmetts is sitting in a bar drinking when a man walks in. He looks at him with surprise then with a smirk of gladness. He walks over behind him and lays down a gold "Q" necklace in front of him on the counter. Dave looks at it and says, "Long time, no rivalry." Jimmy Wright responds with, "Well, you know what they say; when friends reunite, go crazy with the power." Dave says, "People don't say that. And we're not friends...not anymore..."

Ten Years Earlier

"Hey Emmetts, time to go." said Jimmy Wright. "Who are we after?" asked Dave. "Some guy, Hank Gordman." said Wright. "Alright, let's move." replied Dave.

After twenty minutes of walking around the pizza place and looking through the pizza place's window, Jimmy said, "We are two assassins, one with a superpower, and we can't find a pizza guy?" "We found a senator easier than this." said Dave. "Remember the good ol' days when we used to partner up and we were actually able to find pizza guys. But...whatever, let's come back to him. Let's move on to this kid, Julien Curtis. Lives in Lyneboro, CT." said Jimmy. Dave sighs heavily.

They split up looking for him. While Dave checked out an alley, a man walked up to him. He said his name was Bennet, and that he has been observing him. He says if he doesn't like the fact he has to kill all the time come talk to him. He hands him a card, "Primatech Paper". He smiles and walks away. Dave goes inside an apartment building where Julien is. He finds him, to see that he is just a nine year old boy. Julien was hiding under a table scared, as he knew what Dave was there for. Dave checked to see if anyone was around, meaning Jimmy. He fired his gun at a wall opposite where Julien was, and at a window. He told him to go hide. Jimmy walks in and says, "You get him?" "Yeah, he went out the window. Let's not go get his body, so we can avoid suspicion." said Emmetts. They then left, leaving Julien alive.

About a week later Jimmy learned that Dave had gone to work for their enemy Company. As Dave was trying to leave so anyone wouldn't notice him, Jimmy came up to him and punched him. "Where the Hell are you going Someone told me that they saw Julien on a camera. You left him alive didn't you?!" exclaimed Wright. "I can't do this anymore. Julien was nine. I couldn't and have never killed a kid younger than eighteen. Even that is wrong. At least at the company, I wouldn't have to kill...much. This is the last time you will see me "friend". Goodbye" Dave threw his gold "Q" necklace on the floor and left. Jimmy picked it up and held onto it for when they would meet again. He then yelled, "This isn't the last time, Emmetts! You know that!"

Present Time

"So, what next?" asked Jimmy. Dave took one sip of his shot, and quickly grabbed his gun and tried to shoot Jimmy. Though Jimmy knew it was coming, and was able to dodge. He pulled his gun and fired too. Everyone in the bar screamed and either ran out or hid and prayed that they wouldn't die. Jimmy had enough and started the place on fire. He went out the front door and blew up the walls around it and left. "Great another fire. Primatech and now a bar." said Dave as he was trying to kick open the back door. He eventually did, and freed just about everyone. Three people died from rubble falling on them. Dave started walking away from the burning bar, and looked at his old "Q" necklace Jimmy had left for him.

To Be Continued...


Memorable Quotes

"Hey Emmetts, time to go."

-Jimmy Wright

"People don't say that. And we're not friends...not anymore..."

-Dave Emmetts


  • Hank Gordman is one of the competition winners, but his mention does not count as an appearance. So he will have a bigger appearance than this.
  • The lead episode image is a photo from years ago when Dave and Jimmy were still friends and partners.


  • This is the third story to feature one storyline.

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