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What happens when you lose parts of your life? Do you try to find your life, or move on and make another one? You feel disoriented when it does happen. You feel yourself asking the question, have I done something wrong?, Why am I being punished?, What can I do to have redemption? You feel you cannot trust anyone. Even when you make a new life, you are distrustful, because in the back of your mind you know something horrible must have happend if you can't remember anything. It's time for salvation.


Story Development

Flight · Ryan Stewart · Destruction Projection


New York – 7:00 am

John stands on top of a building in New York. He thinks about what has happened to him in the past few months…

"What happened? I remember being teleported to this future, asked to save it. Bennet knocked me out, then suddenly woke up being sucked out of an airplane. But a man came and flew me to safety, only for us to be shot by a soldier when we landed. I woke up again, but in a room on a table with two Japanese guys staring at me with big goofy grins on their faces. I found out it has been close to three months gone since my time. It’s kind of ironic; it’s technically been about three months since I woke up with no memory. But I have been out cold for that amount of time. So really, figuratively, it has only been about two weeks…Why would Bennet turn on me? It doesn’t make sense. I feel disoriented. But the only way to get from the source."

England - 3:00 pm

Daniel Richards is running from two left over agents from the hunt. He gets into a stolen car and starts to drive. As the agents do the same, a blue light separates the car into millions of pieces, leaving the agents on the ground and then crumbles up into one big scrap metal ball. The agents try to shoot, but a man sticks out his hand and the same blue light disintegrates the guns. The agents become scared and run.

The man turns to where the metal ball is. Right next to it, on the ground, he disintegrates some sort of design into the ground. As he walks away, he smiles in achievement. About ten minutes later, a bystander comes and wonders what the ball is and how it got there. He also wonders how the ground next to it became the way it was with the initials "RS" disintegrated in it with some other design on it.

Tokyo, Japan - 5:00 pm

Tommy is in a court yard with 5 other Chinese men. He is gambling for money with dice. As he roles, he prays that he wins. However, he does not. One of the men, a rather large man, gives the gesture to pay up. "Ok. I was really hoping to win so I could pay you back. So if I could have another chance..." But the big man stood up and started beating Tommy. He took what money he had and they all left. Tommy sat up, watched them leave, wipe some blood off his lip, and said, "Crap, man."


Memorable Quotes

"Crap, man."

- Tommy


  • John has gained two more months of his life. But because he was passed out for them both, it literally has been only about two weeks since he woke up with no memory.

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Season One

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Season Two

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