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  • Reyes finds someone with answers
  • A decision is made on private between two Pinehearst members.
  • Reyes undergoes more injections.

Story Development

Regeneration · Victor White · Shanti Virus · Dr. Zimmerman · Dr. Zimmerman's home


Primatech Research - 12:50 pm

As an angered Reyes storms out of Angela's office, John runs after him. "Where are you going? We have an assignment to do." said John. "I know, and that's what I'm going to do. She said a...Dr. Zimmerman experimented on me. So, I'm going to find him." answered Reyes. "What are you going to do, kill him?" John asked. "No, but maybe mess with his mind a bit. But anyway, I'm off." Reyes replied jokingly. "Fine, but I'm coming with you." John assured. "Why?" asked a curious Reyes. John responded, "Because, we're partners."

Pinehearst - 1:05 pm

Tommy and Jack come walking in talking. Tommy says to him, "You know, you have been handling these people nicely." Jack chuckles, "Thanks, but we haven't recruited one person." Tommy says, "So, Ross, wants us to do our job. They attacked us, so you fought back. He wouldn't mind that at all." Jack looks curious and asks, "Yeah, about Ross. Do you trust him?" "To be honest, no. I don't. I have this bad feeling about him." agreed Tommy. Jack looked at Tommy with an idea in his head. "What do you say, when we finish our jobs for Ross, we take over." said Jack. "As much as I'd love to, Ross isn't the big boss." Tommy replied. "I know, but he's up there at the top. And if we take him down, we will be closer. Besides, he doesn't have any power. And we can bring Nina in this too. So what do you think? Do you wanna gain, power." Tommy looked nervous, but after a few moments of thinking, Tommy gave Jack a small smile, of agreement.

Reseda, CA - 3:00 pm

John and Reyes arrive at Dr. Zimmerman's home. When they knock at the door, he answers and asks "Hello, can I help you?" Reyes says, "Yes, I want some answers." Zimmerman then asks, "I'm sorry, do I know you?". Reyes angrily replies, "Yeah, I'm the guinea pig you experimented on." As Zimmerman looks very frightened, Reyes grabs him and forces him inside, while John shuts the door behind them. They tied him to a chair, and Reyes begins his questions. He asks why him, and how he can't remember any of it. "When we saw that you had a pretty powerful, and dangerous ability, we figured you could handle the experiments. When we finally got the formula right, you gained two abilities. And, you can't remember because we had someone that could make you forget." "I want them gone. Both of them." Reyes demanded. "The only way to do that, is to inject you with a virus. And I'm not sure if you will get your core ability back when you are cured." Zimmerman explained. "I don't care. Now that I know they aren't mine, I want them gone." Reyes said. "Ok, but we will need to go to my office."

When they reach his office, they wait in a doctor's office with someone else. Zimmerman walks in with a needle. He takes blood from him, then injects him with the virus. He takes another blood sample and see that the virus is indeed killing him. He then takes a dose of blood from the other man, and injects that into Reyes. Reyes is a bit uncomfortable with that, but he is assured that the his blood will help him. After another blood sample is taken, it is compared with the blood with the virus. The virus is now gone, along with his two synthetic abilities. Reyes can no longer hear thoughts or see the histories of objects. Only his core ability remains with him. "There, the abilities that you gained, are now lost. I hope that you have thought this through." Zimmerman said. Reyes thanks both Zimmerman and the other man. John looks at the needle that the virus was contained in and looks a bit worried about it. But decides to leave with Reyes and go back to Primatech. "You know Angela won't be happy you did this." John warned. "I know, but this is my life and body, so I fixed her mistake."

Back at Zimmerman's office, Zimmerman says, "Thank you Victor, for your assistance." "It was no problem sir, but if you don't mind me asking, you were very hesitant about doing this. Why?" Victor asked. "Mrs. Petrelli told me the latest dreams of hers. Like I said to him, I hope he thought about it. Those abilities would have come in handy for the troubles he will soon face."


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