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Obadiah Gray
Obadiah Gray.jpg
First mentioned Six Months Ago
In-story stats
Known ability Ability void
Age About 30
Home New York, NY
Occupation Timepiece restorer at Gray and Sons watchshop
Significant other unknown
Parent Martin and Virginia Gray
Sibling Gabriel Gray

Obadiah Gray is an evolved human who is an Ability void, meaning he is uneffected by any ability, as if an ability being used in relation to him simply does not exist.

Character History

Obadiah, like his older brother Gabriel, grew up as the 2nd son of watch and clock restorer Martin Gray. Similar to his brother, Obadiah always knew that he was special. Not fully understanding why, young Obadiah noticed early on that without intending to, he effected his older brother's ability to repair and fix watches. When they worked together, Gabriel always seemed to get frustrated, and often found himself unsure of how to proceed...yet when they worked apart, his brother's genious and aptitude was quite remarkable. Obadiah realized that somehow, he was passively effecting his brother's aptitude; but didn't know why or how. He also found that being around his father Martin didn't have the same effect. It troubled Obadiah when his brother would tell him stories about visiting their uncle Samson Gray's taxidermy shop, and how their uncle would do 'tricks' with the animals, whistling at them and making them go to sleep, and then somehow making the stuffed displays fly around the room as if they were alive, yet when Obadiah always visited their uncle, none of these exciting events ever happened, and their uncle always seemed to be in a bad mood. Puzzled at his situation, Obadiah simply resigned to avoid visiting their uncle, and to work different schedules at the shop so as to not cause excessive undue frustration upon either of them. He had an idea that somehow, he was having a negative effect on both of them, but just didn't yet understand how or why.



Fate intervened one day back in October 2006, when Obadiah was preparing to close the shop for the evening, a man came in with a very unique, and complex timepiece, very rare indeed, made by the renown 17th century Sylar watch company. It had stopped working earlier that day, and the man said that he needed it restored within 24 hours, because it was to be a gift to his nephew the next afternoon at a college graduation. Obadiah sensing the urgency, told the man that Gray and Sons would be sure to have it ready by close of next day. Realizing the intricracy and skill required for this type of watch was beyond his or even his father's talents, Obadiah called his brother and relayed the story, and asked him to switch shifts tomorrow. Obadiah knew that as long as he himself was absent from the shop, Gabriel would, as he always did, find a way to determine the watch's problem and correct it.

Little did Obadiah know, that his simple shift change the next day would begin a world-changing cascade of events to his brother's future. Later that evening, a man came to the shop at the close of Obadiah's shift, and introduced himself as Brian Davis, and that he had received a phone-call from the store about coming in. Obadiah told him it must have been from either his brother or their father, but he would be glad to help him. Instead of having a watch or clock to fix however, Brian starts talking about have a special power to move things with his mind. This reminded Obadiah of the things Gabriel once said their uncle used to do at the taxidermy shop, yet when Brian attempted to perform his trick, nothing happened. Brian became more depressed and frustrated, and Obadiah sensing he himself was probably causing the difficulty, suggested that Brian return in the morning and discuss his concern with his brother; and that he was most likely the one who contacted him in the first place. Little did he realize that tomorrow's appointment would forevermore change the Gray family.

When Obadiah came by the shop later the next day to discuss the Sylar watch, Gabriel revealed to Obadiah that he was indeed "special", and debuted his new acquisition of telekinesis from Brian Davis...stating that he couldn't wait to find out what more is out there. Gabriel didn't speak hardly any about fixing the Sylar watch, other than to mention it was a simple fix for him, once he realized where it was broken. All he wanted to talk about now, was being special.

The Hard Part

In November 2006, Obadiah is notified by the authorities that his mother was brutally murdered, and Obadiah is connected to FBI Agent Audrey Hanson, who questions Obadiah, and informs him that this death is by a man named Sylar, and asks if he was familiar with anyone in the family with that name, or that might do such a thing. She mentions in the discussion, that this Sylar had been stringing together a series of strange and bloody deaths across the country over the last month. It doesn't take very long for Obadiah to connect the dots back to his brother. He however, decided to keep his information to himself. He remembered his brother having a book by an Indian scientist laying around the shop that talked about abilities and genetics, and Obadiah realized it was time to begin searching for information about these people who have abilities, and maybe find out if he too had one...albeit one that seemed to neutralize others. If anyone can help his brother, Obadiah realizes he's going to have to be the one, and sets out to find answers.

Evolved Human Abilities

Obadiah has the ability, or technically, total absence of ability, named Ability void. It is an innate attribute of Obadiah to completely be null, void, and uneffected by any type of ability used in his presence or in a way that would otherwise effect another person. When an ability is used or focused at Obadiah, it is as if nothing was done. Obadiah makes no effort or concentration to activate this ability void, it is just an intricate inate part of who he is, regardless of whether he is conscious or unconscious.


  • While Gabriel is a close-cropped brunette, and Obadiah wears a mane of free-flowing blond hair; otherwise, they bear a striking facial resemblence...removing any doubt they they came from a similar lineage.
  • Obadiah's whereabouts following the death of his mother, Virginia Gray, are unknown. His last known conversation was with his father Martin Gray, about taking "a trip of enlightenment" to India.

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