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Volume One Episode Quotes - v2, v3, v4, v5

"You know what? Leave her alone. She's okay, that's all that matters. -- Thank God mom's fine. She's a criminal, but thank God she's okay."- Nathan, Peter

"I broke the space-time continuum!....I wanna boldly go where no man has gone before."- Hiro

"He says he can bend the time-space continuum. Funny, I've seen all the Star Treks. I don't remember you from the show." - Detective Furukawa

"My only concern is whether I need to hide my true identity. Perhaps a costume?" -- "You even mention tights and a cape, I'm going home." - Hiro, Ando

"You look different without your scar." - Future Hiro

"Up, up, and away!"- Hiro

"You came from the future and told them to save the cheerleader. Oh, and you had a sword. -- I had a sword?" - Ando, Hiro

"Maybe I'll explode. Maybe I'll take out this whole hospital. Maybe I'll wipe out this city like an atomic bomb!"- Ted

"I didn't assault him! I just... hit him."- Matt

"It's going to be you and me from here on out. Partners." "You mean like Batman & Robin?" "Yeah, like Batman & Robin. Only, I ain't wearing no tights."- D.L. (to Micah)

"I thought you were grounded." -- "It didn't take". Jackie, Claire

"Great Scott!"- Hiro (to'Past Hiro')

"Future you doesn't count as you."- Ando

"Are you on the list?"- HRG

"Fantastic. One of those"- Claude (to Peter)

"You cannot bribe a Hero. My heart is true. My spirit unbreakable. I am very special, I offer myself in trade! Release unspecial Ando!"- Hiro

"It means that an old friend isn't quite as dead as we thought he was."- HRG

"(Vulcan Salute) I come in peace."- Hiro

"I can find them, and you can nuke them"- Hana (to Ted)

"Then I guess you go boom."- Claude to Peter

"What's that in your heart?" -- "Murder." - Dale (to Sylar)

"The s.o.b. is thinking in Japanese."- Matt

If you're not back in an hour, just look for the mushroom cloud""- Ted

"You're gonna upset me. Do you know what happens when I get upset? I get very bright and very hot!"- Ted
"I'm comfortable with morally gray."- HRG

"I remember you... You're like me aren't you? I'd like to see how that works"- Sylar (to Peter)

"Send anyone you want, you're not touching my son." - Jessica

"Trust me, I don't need protecting."- Claire

"[In Paris] you'll have the chance to grow up and develop into someone that can make her own choices and then if you choose to, to come back and join this madness like I once did."- Angela (to Claire)

"I was a lot younger than you when I discovered my power. And there were others too, like me, who discovered theirs."- Linderman (to Nathan)

"Go. Talk to yourself. No way ... I scare me. You do it."- Ando (to Hiro)

"No, future me! He's good guy!"- Hiro (to Future Hiro)

"I understood it before the killing, I had a reason - to take what others didn't deserve. It was natural selection."- Sylar (to Mohinder)

"Clearly your mother didn't tell you...your father was one of us...someone with Great Power"- Linderman (to Nathan)

"Didn't I throw you out of a window?:" - Jessica (to Matt)

"The last time I fought Sylar, he killed me" - Peter (to Claire)

"Boom!"- Sylar

"What am I thinking now, Parkman?" -- "Your last thought." - Thompson (to Parkman), Bennet (to Thompson)

"What would I want with your brain?" - Sylar (to Ando)

"That's NOT me." - Jessica (to Niki)

"Call me Noah." - HRG

"Haven't I killed you before?"
"It didn't take." - Sylar, Peter