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Season Three Episode Quotes

"Are you gonna eat it?" ... "Eat your brain? Claire, that's disgusting." - Claire, Sylar

"No service here. Shoulda' gone with Sprint."- Parkman

"Thank you Turtle!" ... "Why are you talking to a turtle?" - Parkman, Usutu

"I stop time and teleport. I do a lot of things you don't see" - Hiro, (to Daphne)

"What are you doing?" ... "Feeding you" - Sylar, Angela

"Nemesis"..."Stop calling me that! My name is Daphne." - Hiro, Daphne

"You drink decaf, right, Noah?" - Sylar, (to HRG)

"You're 0 for 2 against me, Pikachu. That's just regular confidence." - Daphne, (to Hiro)

"If you told me you were coming... I would have made extra!" - Future Sylar (to Peter)

"Trying to teleport? Not with my friend here." - Future Claire (to Peter near the Haitian)

"This bar is the go-to destination of specials for hire." ... "Specials for hire?" ... "Like the cantina. I never knew there was such a place." - Adam, Ando, Hiro

"He said look tough, not like Mr. Roboto." - Ando, (to Hiro)

"You little Japanese nazi!" ... "I will give you another chance If you behave." - Adam, Hiro

"I'm the most special!" - Peter, (to Sylar)

"Mr African Issac ?" - Hiro, (to Usutu)

"Like Noah always says: 'One of us, one of them.' I'm the 'one of us.'" - Sandra, (to Claire)

"Show them all why you're my favorite. Make mommy proud." - Angela, (to Sylar)

"What could possibly drive a father to put his children through such grief?" ... "Have you ever met their mother?" - Mohinder, Arthur

"We remind all passengers to keep all electronics off during the flight." ... "I think he's talking about you!" - Airline Pilot, Claire, (to Elle)

"I see you still have a thing for blondes." - Meredith, (to Nathan) about Tracy

"Just kick his ass and let's get out of here!" Peter, (to Sylar) about Arthur