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| caption =  
| caption =  
| nick =  
| nick =  
| known powers =<br>[[Ability replication]] <br>''Current replicated ability'':<br>[[Rapid cel regeneration]] <br>''Known abilities replicated'':<br> [[Flight]],<br>[[Enhanced strength]],<br>[[Freezing]],<br> [[Induced Radioactivity]],<br> [[Alchemy]],<br> [[Seismic burst]]
| known powers =<br>[[Ability replication]] <br>''Current replicated ability'':<br>[[Rapid cell regeneration]] <br>''Known abilities replicated'':<br> [[Flight]],<br>[[Enhanced strength]],<br>[[Freezing]],<br> [[Induced radioactivity]],<br> [[Alchemy]],<br> [[Seismic burst]]
| gender = Male
| gender = Male
| age = 27
| age = 27

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Hug Macivor
In-story stats
Known abilities
Ability replication
Current replicated ability:
Rapid cell regeneration
Known abilities replicated:
Enhanced strength,
Induced radioactivity,
Seismic burst
Age 27
Date of birth Janury 31, 1982
Home Caithness, Scoland
Occupation Farmer