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Hug Macivor
In-story stats
Known abilities
Ability replication
Current replicated ability:
Rapid cell regeneration
Known abilities replicated:
Enhanced strength,
Induced radioactivity,
Seismic burst
Age 27
Date of birth Janury 31, 1982
Home Caithness, Scoland
Occupation Farmer

About Me

I am a farmer in Scotland I am the brother of Al Macivor a.k.a User:Flint09. I has refused to let me replicate any of his abilities. But I found them like he did. They will be explained in some short stories in another article. I have Ability replication which was recommended seeing as my brother has Empathic mimicry and it would be realistic for siblings.

My abilities

I thought my ability was the same as my brother's but via touch. Instead when I got a new ability I couldn't use the old one. Here is how I got each ability.

Flight 24th September 2009 Blackisle show (a show for farmers) when I was looking at a tractor and from a distance I saw someone land behind a tent. I intercepted him at a later time and grabbed him to get his attention but he flew off and I inadvertantley took off after him I caught up to him grabbed his ankle and we both went down toward a road swarmed with speeding cars while he fell toward the road I wnet up leaving him behind. He went toward it then started to pull up but was hit by a lorry. After that I drifted back toward the show where I landed with a thud and was knocked out for some hours.

Enhanced strength 13th October 2009 In my favourite bar I said something about the wrong football game and a guy grabbed me and punched me over the pool table. At the same time I must have replicated his Enhanced strength because when I punched him he flew over the bar into some alcahol. He got up smashed a bottle and leaped at me I stopped him and threw him onto the pool table which smashed. He charged at me I sung him round into a jukebox. He had strength but I had more experience in fighting.

Freezing 23rd April 1584 My brother took me through time to see Shakespeare. When we arrived in his office he grabbed me and my brother but I absorbed a new ability seen as my strength wouldn't work. My brother's Telekinesis worked as he threw the bard into a wall and held him there. He got inside Shakespeare's head and made him treat us better. That night in my B&B room I grabbed the bed post which froze and broke off and shattered. Shakespeare was one of us he had the ability to freeze things. Or I accidently took one of my brother's abilities.

Induced radioactivity 23rd July 2010 When I arrived at Comic-Con with my brother after my second time travel. I was dressed as Iceman from X-Men (because of my freezing I looked around a little. I saw some interesting things. But when I went to the bathroom it was locked so I froze the lock and entered. I saw a man creating bright light with his hands. After refusing to leave as per his request he started glowing completly and thretened to explode like a nuclear bomb if I didn't leave I quickly got to him wrestled him to the ground started to freeze him. After passing out from cold I stood up and left him. My hands started glowing I had his ability. Back home after the expierence had finished I showed my brother the new ability. He told me it was Induced radioactivity. I was in trouble to stay calm.

Alchemy 3rd November 2009 In the grand canyon I saw a man hanging from the cliffs. I tried to pull him up but I noticed the light which comes when I take a new ability. He pulled out a golden gun aimed at me I let him go he fell from one of the highest peaks down the lowest part of the ground. I went down to him he was still alive but barley moving he was in pain I took his gun and shot him with it. When I picked up a rock as a souvinier it turned to gold. My new ability would make me rich.

Siesmic burst 19th June 1961 In Nevada at a Casino I couldn't run out of money. I did I turned something to gold and sold it. But on a stupid moonlight dessert tour I tried to turn a cactus to gold during a stop but it wouldn't work. I really concentrated on my ability but instead of Alchemy I fired a Seismic burst. I must have taken it when I shook the tour guides hand. I fired it at the guide and sent him away. He returned fire on me got everyone into the truck and left me there. But I was picked up by my brother.

Rapid cell regeneration 13th July 1191 My brother and I went to the middle east with my brother. After a while I was walking along when some wooden scaffolden fell on me. I used a burst to send it away broken boned and bleeding crawling along the ground an assassin was next to me. He stood up healing. I grabbed his ankle and took his ability. And healed at the same time walking toward the base of a tall tower I heard a thud and saw blood more becoming visible and both another assassin and my brother became visible. He healed grabbed me and teleported us out in time to miss the guards.


Favourite Character-Sylar

Least favourite character-Thompson

Favourite Power-Ability replication

Least favourite power-Microwave Emission

Favourite episode-I Am Become Death

Least favourite episode-Kindred

Favourite ending-Dying of the Light

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