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User:Hyperdude/Energy manipulation

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Energy manipulation
Held by: Hyperdude
Ability to: Manipulate all types of energy.

Energy manipulation is the ability to manipulate any and all forms of energy through force of will.


The user of this ability can manipulate all forms of energy. Examples of energy include:

  • Light
  • Electromagnetism (ie. electricity, magnetism)
  • TV and radio waves (ie. analog and digital wireless communication)
  • Ultraviolet, infrared, X-ray, gamma rays
  • Sound
  • Seismic energy
  • Kinetic and potential energy
  • Atmospheric conditions (temperature, pressure)
  • Matter

By using energy manipulation, the user can manipulate virtually everything in his/her environment. This may include being able to manipulate their own DNA, thereby giving the user any ability he/she could want, although the user could pretty much replicate any ability on their own. The first possessor of this ability has been seen propelling himself at super-speeds by means unknown.
It has been shown that an evolved human possessing this ability can absorb ambient energy from his/her surroundings for added power.
One other aspect of this ability is energy redirection. It has been seen that this power can be used to deflect projectiles by changing its direction without necessarily pushing it telekinetically.


The limits of this ability depend upon the strength of the user. If the user is tired, the effects will be weak; conversely, if the user has recently drank a Powerthirst, the world will cease to exist due to the unleashing of GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF ENERGY.


  • Having this ability essentially makes the possessor God.
  • Since one of the uses of this ability is the power to manipulate matter, the user can almost completely control their surroundings.