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Powers Empathic mimicry
Known abilities absorbed:
Rapid cell regeneration
Puppet master
Microwave emission
Induced radioactivity
Electric manipulation
Precognitive dreaming
Enhanced strength
Super speed
Space-time manipulation
Mental manipulation
Sound manipulation
Sex Male
Date of birth 1992
Favorite color Black
Favorite episode Dual
Favorite Heroes actor Zachary Quinto, Masi Oka
Favorite Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere
Favorite character Sylar
Least favorite character Danko
Favorite power Empathic mimicry
I am from Canada

i.absorb.abilities is a user of this wiki.

Getting To Know i.absorb.abilities

I am i.absorb.abilities. I quite enjoy watching heroes and rewatch every season from start to finish every few months (this takes about two weeks). As you can tell, empathic mimicry is my favourite power. It is so cool the way that those abilities can be absorbed so the person who has it gets the same powers as their enemies.

I didn't like heroes during the first season. the first few episodes were kind of iffy to me, until it was revealed that Peter was the bomb. I was intrigued on how the bomb would happen. With season two, I knew that Peter would betray Adam. And as soon as Angela had the dream of Arthur rising, I knew that he was alive.

I'd have to say that my favourite thing on heroes would be the revenge and getting even part. For example, there is Adam Monroe, who killed Kaito Nakamura. Arthur Petrelli avenged Kaito by killing Adam. Sylar killed Arthur, therefore avenging Adam. I think that whole subject is pretty neat because it is like justice truly can never be served.

Anyways, you're probably wondering what Omniscience is. It is the power to know everything like God. This ability also gives the possessor every power as well (I don't know how to make pages! Sorry!).

Back to the wiki I go. See ya!