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Peter's dreams
Peter dream falls.jpg
Peter dreams of falling.

First mentioned: Genesis
Date of event: Recurring

Peter Petrelli experiences dreams that have surreal dream imagery and premonition qualities.


Falling and flying

The dream

Peter lets himself fall off the rooftop of a building, trusting he will fly. He is awakened by Simone when she opens the door to the room.

Peter dozes off in a taxi. In his dream, he is falling off the building from his previous dream. He then flies around New York. Then, Peter is back to falling again. Standing at the bottom of the alley is Nathan, who happens to be smiling. Peter wakes up and looks to his right; he sees a campaign poster of Nathan, who has the same smile. (Genesis)

In a later dream with Charles Deveaux, Peter opens the window to prove that he can fly. He finds himself flying around New York again. (Nothing to Hide)


  • Peter opens his arms and takes a leap of faith--he lets himself fall off the rooftop of a building. Peter is trying to discover who he is, what he's supposed to do with his life, and what the future holds for him.
  • Sometimes in his dreams, Peter see his brother Nathan smiling at the bottom. Nathan's smile in the dream is identical to his smile on his campaign poster. Nathan is his brother, and he will always be there to catch him when he falls.
  • Sometimes in his dreams, Peter is flying around New York. He has the feeling that he was meant for something extraordinary. He wants to be special.

Premonition qualities

  • In the future, Peter actually does fall of that building, while Nathan is at the bottom. (Genesis)

Flying all over the world

The dream

Peter dreams he is with a conscious Charles Deveaux. Charles tells Peter that in the end, all the really matters is love. Charles says that Peter speaks his mind. Charles says that "in the end, all that matters is love", and concludes with an "I love you, Peter." Peter replies that he loves Charles, too. He also says that Peter's power and strength is that he knows who he is and what he wants. Peter tells Charles that he can fly, and he opens the window to prove it. Peter finds himself flying over New York.

Peter is awaken by Simone's knocking. Simone tells Peter that Charles passed away an hour ago. Later, Simone tells Peter about the dream her father had. Charles flew with Peter all over the world, but that it was a world he didn't recognize. There were so many people filled with pain, and there was nobody looking out for each other. Charles worried for them, until Peter told him everything would be okay. Peter told Charles that there were people who cared, who would make a difference. Charles told Peter that he would save the world.

Simone also reveals that Charles woke up before he passed away. After Charles told Simone about the dream, "he just put his head down and he was gone, like he was falling asleep." (Nothing to Hide)


  • The world is spinning out of control; it is sick, and it needs healing. Peter is the one who will save it.

Premonition qualities

  • The world Charles described sounds a lot like the post-explosion New York.
  • "In the end, all that matters is love."

The accident

The dream

Peter tells his mother that when Nathan had his accident, he "knew it". Peter explains that he knew before the phone call, Like Nathan was telling him, 300 miles away. When Peter woke up, he "knew that he'd been hurt". (Genesis)

Peter has a dream in which he sees a car accident involving Nathan and Heidi. After Nathan instinctively flies out of the car, Peter wakes up, stretching his arm upward (as if Peter was looking through Nathan's eyes). The phone is ringing. Later, Peter mentions to Nathan that he saw another car in his dream. (Six Months Ago)

Premonition qualities

  • Peter saw a glimpse of the past--Nathan's car accident.

You can't stop what's coming...

The dream

At Odessa Sheriff's Department, Nathan arrives to get Peter out of jail. In Peter's holding cell, Peter and Nathan discuss recent events and the bomb.

Nathan tells Peter that he is meant to do a lot of things, but saving the world isn't one of them. Nathan continues, saying that Peter must recognize when life is bigger than him. He concludes that Peter isn't a fighter, but that's okay because the world needs nurses too. Peter mentions that when he is around Nathan, he can fly, and Peter also says that he thinks that he, Nathan, Isaac, Hiro Nakamura, and Claire are all the same somehow. Peter believes that they are supposed to stop the bomb painted by Isaac, but he doesn't think he can do it. Nathan thinks that he can't stop the bomb. Then suddenly, Sylar replaces Nathan, and says, "How can you stop what's coming? When you don't know anything about power?" After a gasping Peter scrambles to the corner of his bunk, Sylar has disappeared, and the cell is empty. (Fallout)


  • Nathan tells Peter, "You get in trouble, I drop everything and fix it. Isn't that how things work?" Later in the dream, Nathan becomes Sylar.

Premonition qualities

  • In a possible future, Nathan is killed by Sylar, and Sylar impersonates Nathan by using the power of illusion. (Five Years Gone)
  • Nathan tells Peter that he can't stop the bomb.

How do you stop an exploding man?

The dream

After Nathan bails a fatigued Peter out ot jail, Peter passes out outside of Odessa Sheriff's Department. In his dream, Peter finds himself in an empty street, wearing a blue jacket. The place is eerily quiet and silent except for the hollow sounds of wind blowing. Peter looks around. Like a deserted city, stray paper blows past the screen. The roads are jam packed with cars with their doors open. Peter makes his way through the cars, and sees an over-turned bicycle, the back wheel still spinning. In front of Nathan's campaign headquarters, he sees the familiar campaign sign: VOTE PETRELLI.

Peter sees several characters in the dream:
  • Mohinder exits a taxi cab, smiles, and then fearfully runs away from Peter.
  • Matt, in his officer’s uniform, holds his hand out for Peter to stay there. Matt motions D.L., Micah, and Niki to run from Peter.
  • D.L. is with Niki, and picks up Micah. They are escorted by Matt to run from Peter.
  • Nathan exits the building, and walks toward Peter as Peter's hands uncontrollably glow white hot. By the time Nathan stops in front of Peter, Peter's eyes are glowing red.
  • Claire, in her cheerleader's uniform, stops in front of Peter and shakes her head. She starts to back away from him. Claire mouths, "I'm sorry." She then backs away.
  • Simone is running toward Peter, but Isaac grabs Simone and pulls her away.
  • Hiro and Ando look at Peter sadly.

Peter, consumed by his power, screams and starts to explode. (Fallout)

Two weeks later, Peter is lying in a hospital bed. He is comatose, and has a persistent idiopathic fever. Various images of Peter's previous vision flash through his head.

There are a few differences in this dream:
  • Claude walks around pickpocketing people, and is sometimes laughing. He also grabs Peter by the neck.
  • Nathan tells Peter to let him help him, and he tells him that he isn't leaving him. Nathan is consumed by the blast, disintegrated into ash.
  • New York City is destroyed by the explosion. The buildings crumble when Peter explodes.

Peter finally wakes up, screaming his lungs off. (Godsend)


  • Peter sees many of the characters in their "primary colors", which also has to do with the circumstances in which they met. Peter met Mohinder as a taxi driver. Peter met Claire in her cheerleading uniform. Peter met Matt in his police uniform. Nathan is running for Congress. Peter "met" Hiro together with his friend Ando on the phone.
  • D.L., Niki, and Micah, are together, as a family.
  • Nathan will be with Peter to the very end. Nathan won't leave him, even though it means he will die with him.
  • Claire mouths "I'm sorry", which could represent Claire's unwillingness to shoot Peter. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)
  • Simone runs toward Peter--she has truly fallen for him, but Isaac is the one who holds her back. Isaac's final tug may be symbolic of his accidental murder of Simone. (Unexpected)
  • Ando always accompanies his friend Hiro.

Premonition qualities

  • Peter does actually explode, but it takes place in Kirby Plaza, unlike the dream sequence. Several people from his dream witness the event, including Claire, D.L., Niki, Micah, Mohinder, Matt, and Nathan.
    • However, Noah, Molly, and Sylar appear, but did not appear in the dream. Also, Isaac, Simone, and Ando do not appear. Isaac and Simone have already died. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)
  • Nathan is consumed by the blast. In a possible future, Nathan has been killed. (Five Years Gone)


The dream

Peter, still in a coma, has a dream in which he is a comic book superhero, battling a virtually invulnerable flying villain known as "The Rocket". When he finally succeeds in defeating the villain, however, Peter realizes that the villain is himself. (Super-Heroics)


  • The Rocket has a special suit that makes him practically invulnerable. Angela speaks to Peter about Arthur's hereditary illness which can lead to delusions of invincibility of indestructibility. Peter discovers that the invulnerable Rocket is actually himself.
  • Peter struggles with the idea that he is the villain. His greatest enemy is himself.

Premonition qualities

  • Peter says, "I'm supposed to be a hero. I'm not the bad guy. I'm not the villain. I'm the hero."
    • Hiro converses with Nathan about the explosion. Nathan asks Hiro what he thinks will make the "bomb thing go off". Hiro replies that the cause is "probably [the] bad guy". Nathan asks, "Bad guy?" and Hiro replies, "Yes, like billain." Nathan tries to correct his pronunciation, and then he asks, "Like the guy in the painting?" They talk about whether a human being can actually cause an explosion, and Hiro suggests that he has a power too. (Godsend)
    • Sylar tells Peter, "Turns out you're the villain, Peter. I'm the hero." (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

A trip to the past

The dream

Worried that he will lose control of Ted's ability, Peter blacks out in a deserted street. He finds himself on the Deveaux Building rooftop, the day he began working as Charles Deveaux's nurse.

Charles Deveaux is sitting with Angela Petrelli, talking about the impending explosion. Charles tells Angela that when he looks in Peter's eyes, he sees compassion, empathy, but most of all, he sees hope. Charles continues, saying that the world won't be saved on strength, because it needs heart, which is Peter. Angela disagrees, and replies that Peter is weak and ruled by insecurities. Angela also believes that the bomb is going to go off, and that Nathan is going to be the one the world turns to. When Charles asserts that he doesn't believe in the inevitability of the tragedy, Angela says that one of them will be right, and the other will be wrong. Charles is glad he won't be alive to see what happens, and Angela tells Charles that he is in her prayers.

After Angela leaves Charles alone, Charles looks at Peter, and says that he knows he's there. Charles comments that he always thought that invisibility would be a "good one to have". Peter doesn't understand how Charles is alive, and asks if he is dreaming, time traveling, or if Charles is responsible. Charles tells him that the only thing that matters is that Peter is here now. Charles adds that Peter needs to hear the truth before he can save the world. Charles tells him that he has had the power all along, but that he needed to learn how to use it. When Peter asks why he is the hero, Charles replies that there is always someone good. Charles says that Peter's heart has the ability to love unconditionally, and reminds him of what he told him during their previous encounter--"In the end, all that really matters is love."

Charles leaves to get some rest, and Peter is awaken by Noah Bennet's voice. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)


  • Reiterated from a previous dream, the world needs to be saved. (Nothing to Hide) Peter is the one who will save it.
  • Reiterated from said previous dream, "In the end, all really that matters is love."

Premonition qualities

  • Charles knew that his time would soon be up.
  • Charles believes that Linderman is betting on the wrong brother, and mentions that the world won't be saved on strength.
    • In Isaac's loft in a possible future, a newspaper clipping of Nathan hangs in Future Hiro's string web. It reads, "Our Strength in Dark Times". However, the world wasn't saved. (Five Years Gone)


The dream

In Adam's warehouse in Montreal, Peter has a vision, recalling his and Caitlin's encounter with a CDC hazmat crew. In his vision, Peter picks up an evacuation notice, and when his vision ends, the flyer is in his hand. Adam notes that Peter hadn't gone anywhere. (Truth & Consequences)

Premonition qualities

  • Peter saw a possible future.

Memorable Quotes

"I keep having these amazing dreams every time I close my eyes."

- Peter (to Simone) (Genesis)

"It happened two more times. Sometimes I'm falling. Sometimes I'm flying. Sometimes you're in 'em. They're not just dreams, Nathan. I thought they'd go away, but they're not."

- Peter (to Nathan) (Genesis)

"Simone? What's wrong? Come in."

"It's my dad."

"That's so weird. I was just having a dream about him."

- Peter, Simone (Nothing to Hide)

"I don't understand. How is this happening? You're alive. Is this a dream? Am I time traveling? Are you doing this?"

- Peter (to Charles) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)


Ausiello: A burning question from the fall finale: Was that really Peter in the flash-forward, or was it Sylar in disguise?
Kring: Well, it was just a dream. And the dream obviously had all kinds of strange, surreal dream imagery in it.

Ausiello: Really? I just assumed he was seeing the future.
Kring: I never intended for that to be a flash-forward. It's a dream. He falls to the ground and you zoom in on his face, and the next time you see him he's in a coma in the hospital. It has all the vocabulary of a dream. Greg Grunberg is in his police uniform, Claire is in her cheerleader uniform.... They're all in sort of primary colors. But he's had dreams before, and they've had premonition qualities to them.