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'''The only animals I will do are he cockroach, Mohinder the lizard, and Mr. Muggles'''
'''The only animals I will do are he cockroach, Mohinder the lizard, and Mr. Muggles'''
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[[#Abigail|Abigail]] •
[[#Charlie Andrews|Charlie Andrews]] •
[[#Arnold|Arnold]] •
[[#Claire Bennet|Claire Bennet]] •
[[#Lyle Bennet|Lyle Bennet]] •
[[#Noah Bennet|Noah Bennet]] •
[[#Sandra Bennet|Sandra Bennet]] •
[[#Bob Bishop|Bob Bishop]] •
[[#Elle Bishop|Elle Bishop]] •
[[#Chris Bowman|Chris Bowman]] •
[[#Gail Bowman|Gail Bowman]] •
[[#Jennie Bowman|Jennie Bowman]] •


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The following is a list of characters who appear in different types of Heroes items.

None are counting future unless noted.


The only animals I will do are he cockroach, Mohinder the lizard, and Mr. Muggles


AbigailCharlie AndrewsArnoldClaire BennetLyle BennetNoah BennetSandra BennetBob BishopElle BishopChris BowmanGail BowmanJennie Bowman


Charlie Andrews


Claire Bennet

Lyle Bennet

Noah Bennet

Sandra Bennet

Bob Bishop

Elle Bishop

Chris Bowman

Gail Bowman

Jennie Bowman





Joanne Collins

Lloyd Collins

Emma Coolidge

Gael Cruz



Emile Danko

Damon Dawson

Monica Dawson

Nana Dawson

Evan Davis

Echo DeMille


Charles Deveaux

Simone Deveaux

Kyle Dilman

Mr. Dougherty

Eric Doyle

Tom Drake

Drug dealer


Kin Egami


Sean Fallon

Fortune teller

Phoebe Frady

Quentin Frady

Detective Furakowa

Joseph Gallagher

Game operator

The German


Lauren Gilmore


Hana Gitelman

Flint Gordon, Jr.

Meredith Gordon

Virginia Gray

Steve R. Gustavson

Carlos Gutierrez

Jose Gutierrez

Oscar Gutierrez

Ryan Hanover

Audrey Hanson

Kent Harper

M. F. Harris

D.L. Hawkins

Paulette Hawkins

Sabine Hazel

Helicopter pilot

Alejandro Herrera

Maya Herrera

Hipster Dude

Homeland Security agent (II)

Gordon Hovey

Sanjog Iyer

Agent Jenkins

  • Graphic Novels: 1

Howie Kaplan

Bianca Karina

Anna Korolenko

Mary Krause

Howard Lemay


Daniel Linderman

Dr. Livitz


Debbie Marshall

James Martin

Ando Masahashi

Eden McCain

Tom McHenry

Isaac Mendez

Ian Michaels

Daphne Millbrook

Mr. Millbrook

Leona Mills

Rachel Mills

Brody Mitchum

Mohinder's mother

Mohinder the lizard

Adam Monroe

Mr. Muggles

Jesse Murphy

Hiro Nakamura

Ishi Nakamura

Kaito Nakamura

Kimiko Nakamura

NYPD detective


Janice Parkman

Matt Parkman, Jr.

Matt Parkman, Sr.

Maury Parkman



Angela Petrelli

Arthur Petrelli

Nathan Petrelli

Peter Petrelli

Jason Pierce

Danny Pine

Pregnant carny

Psychic carny

Claude Rains

Ramen vendor

Sparrow Redhouse


West Rosen


Micah Sanders

Niki Sanders

Lauren Shapiro

Mira Shenoy

Shooter (I)

Shooter (II)

Ricardo Silva

Dale Smither

Mark Spatney

Karen Sprague

Ted Sprague

Ivan Spektor

Tracy Strauss

Amanda Strazzulla

David Sullivan

Joseph Sullivan

Samuel Sullivan

Chandra Suresh

Mohinder Suresh


Becky Taylor

Zane Taylor

Eric Thompson, Jr.

Eric Thompson, Sr.


Molly Walker

Benjamin "Knox" Washington

Candice Willmer

Wade Winslow

Alex Woolsly

Dave Woolsly


Jonas Zimmerman

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