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User:Janrodrigo/Heroes Release and Arc Chronology

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work continuing at User:SacValleyDweller/Release and Arc Order

Heroes Evolutions

I'll work prepare some plot here and then add to the original workplace

HE SNW 1: Claire's MySpace [1] - finished

HE SNW 2: Zach's MySpace [2] - finished

HE S 1: Hiro's blog - finished

HE G 1: Interactive map - finished

HE S 2: [3]

HE M 1: Hana's messages

HE S 2W: PrimatechPaper WAP Site

HE S 3: Hana's Blog [4]

HE S 4:

HE S 4W: CorinthianLasVegas WAP Site

HE G 2: Two-Screen Experience - finished

HE S 5: Activating Evolution

HE SNW 3: Hana's MySpace [5] - finished

HE SNW 4 Brian's Imeem [6]

HE S 6: Vote Petrelli

HE S 6W: VotePetrelli WAP Site

HE S 7: Yamagato Fellowship

HE G 3: Mohinder's office

HE M 2: Bridget's messages

HE G 4: Heroes: The Mobile Game [7]

HE IP 1: Create Your Hero

HE S 8:

HE Book 1: Saving Charlie - finished

HE M 3: Evs Dropper's messages

HE Web 1: Going Postal - finished

HE S 9:

HE Interview1: Interview:Evs Dropper

HE S 10: Evs Dropper's blog

HE App 1: Heroes Versus

HE S 11:

HE iStory 1: Operation Splinter

HE iStory 2: Operation Bad Blood

HE M 4: Pinehearst and Primatech messages

HE Web 2: Destiny

HE Web 3: The Recruit

HE Web 4: Hard Knox

HE iStory 3: The Private

HE SNW 5: Habbo

HE M 5: Rebel's messages

HE iStory 4: The Agent