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The Day of the Eclipse


"I've got the Bishop game next week, SATs in October, homecoming is 3 weeks from today and I'm a freak show!"--Claire
  • Mrs. Petrelli is arrested for shoplifting socks. She is reunited with her sons and later released.
  • Mohinder arrives to his father's apartment in Brooklyn, NYC, only to find it in disarray. He rents it.
  • Isaac is a drug-addicted painter who believes he can paint the future only when high. He argues with his girlfriend, Simone.
  • The eclipse is visible in the United States and Japan (where it is the morning of the next day).
    • Peter takes a cab after returning to Nathan's campaign headquarters; Mohinder is the driver. When Peter exits the cab, Mr. Bennet enters and asks to be taken to JFK Airport. Mohinder flees when Bennet mentions his father.
    • Niki returns home, and is ambushed by Linderman's thugs. She blacks out.
    • Earlier that morning in Tokyo (7:42 a.m. local time), the subway is unusually late. Hiro Nakamura, who had been wishing hard for the train not to arrive, is intrigued that he might have caused the incident with his mind. (Hiro's blog - Post 2)
  • Hiro discovers that he can stop and reverse time while concentrating on a desk clock in his office. (It's the next day, 10.47 a.m. local time in Japan)
  • Simone calls Peter for help as a nurse. They search morphine and then go to Isaac's apartment only to find him near-dead out of using high doses of heroin.
    • They call the ambulance, Isaac is conscious and shows Simone the painting he drew on the floor, NY goes nuclear.
    • Peter finds a painting of his, flying.

One Day after the Eclipse


  • Hiro teleports himself to women's bathroom to prove his friend his powers.
  • Niki wakes up and finds that Linderman's thugs are dead.
  • At 11.43 p.m. local time in Tokyo, Hiro is in the subway. He concentrates and teleports himself to NYC.
  • Peter jumps from a tall building and Nathan flies in order to save him.
  • Zach loses the video tape he used filming Claire's ability. (Zach's MySpace)