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Zach's MySpace

  • Zach prepares a history class project during spring.
  • Zach participates at a biology experiment in spring.

Claire's MySpace

  • Zach attends the Comic-Con at San Diego, California in summer.

7 Days before the Eclipse

  • Simone's father becomes comatose. (Genesis)

5 Days before the Eclipse

  • Mohinder talks to his father on the phone. Mr. Suresh is convinced that someone is following him and that he's very close to find his first patient. (Genesis)

4 or 3 Days before the Eclipse

  • Mr. Suresh dies in his taxi in NYC. (Genesis)

3 Days before the Eclipse

  • Mohinder gives a class in the University of Madras when Nirand comes and informs him of his father's death. Mohinder goes to his father's apartment in Chennai, only to find it in disarray. The presence of a man with Horn Rimmed Glasses who already there, forces Mohinder to flee. (Genesis)