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{{Timeline Calculations}}

== 1965 ==
* [[Mr. Petrelli|Mr.]] and [[Mrs. Petrelli]] are married. (''[[Genesis]]'')
* Mohinders's grandmother tells him stories about monsters and Kali. ''([[Monsters]])''
== 1988 ==
* [[Zach]] is born between February 19 and March 20. <small>([[MySpace#Zach_2|Zach's MySpace]])</small>
== 1989 ==
* [[Claire Bennet]] is born between March 21 and April 19. <small>([[MySpace#Claire|Claire's MySpace]])</small>
== 2006 or before ==
* [[Bridget Bailey]] discovers her [[Clairsentience|ability]]. <small>[[Bridget's_messages#Re:_My_credentials_for_your_.22friend.22|(Bridget's messages)]]</small>
* Bridget Bailey and [[Chandra Suresh]] start sending emails to each-other. <small>[[Bridget's_messages#I_need_some_advice|(Bridget's messages)]]</small>
== 2006 ==
* Zach prepares a history class project and a biology experiment during spring. <small>([[MySpace#Claire.27s_comments_on_Zach.27s_page|Zach's MySpace]])</small>
* Zach attends the Comic-Con at San Diego, California in summer. <small>([[MySpace#comiccon.3F.3F.3F|Claire's MySpace]])</small>
====8 September====
*[[Hiro Nakamura]] is late for [[Yamagato Industries|work]]. <small>([[Hiro's_blog#Late_Again|Hiro's blog]])</small>
====DoE (Day of Eclipse) - 2 Weeks====
* Isaac Mendez paints [[:Image:Painting suicide bombing.jpg|a burning bus]]. (''[[Episode:Genesis|Genesis]]'')
====DoE - 7====
* [[Charles Deveaux]] becomes comatose. (''[[Episode:Genesis|Genesis]]'')
====DoE - 5====
* [[Chandra Suresh]] tells [[Mohinder Suresh]] that someone is following him, trying to steal his research. (''[[Episode:Genesis|Genesis]]'')
====DoE - 3====
* In Madras, [[Mohinder Suresh]] is told of his father's death.  He later encounters a [[HRG|man with horn-rimmed glasses]] at his father's old apartment.  (''[[Episode:Genesis|Genesis]]'')
====DoE - 1====
* [[Suicide]] bombing on bus in [[Israel]]. (''[[Episode:Genesis|Genesis]]'')
====DoE (Day of Eclipse)====
* [[Mohinder Suresh]] has traveled to [[New York, NY|New York]] to claim [[Chandra Suresh|his father]]'s body. He takes a job with the [[Chelsea Cab Company]]. [[Mr. Bennet]] spies on Mohinder.  (''[[Graphic Novel:Monsters|Monsters]]'') <!-- GN gives "3 days" after Chandra's death. -->
* In [[New York, NY|New York]], [[Peter]] is watching over [[Charles Deveaux|Simone's father]], and dreams he can fly.  He later confronts his brother [[Nathan]].
** [[Mrs. Petrelli]] is arrested for shoplifting. 
* In [[Las Vegas]], [[Niki Sanders]] performs for and chats with [[Ando|Huggerz69]].
** Niki meets with [[Micah]]'s principal about the [[Micah's tuition|tuition]] money. 
** Niki later stops by [[Tina|her friend]]'s [[Tina's home|house]], and they talk about how Niki suspects that she is being followed.
* In [[Odessa, Texas]], [[Claire Bennet]]'s attempts to test [[rapid cellular regeneration|her ability]] are videotaped by [[Zach]].
** Walking home, Claire and Zach come across a [[the train wreck|train wreck]].  Claire rescues a trapped [[Train wreck victim|victim]]. 
* [[The eclipse]] is visible in the United States and Japan (where it is the morning of DoE +1).
** Peter takes a cab after returning to Nathan's campaign headquarters; Mohinder is the driver. When Peter exits the cab, Mr. Bennet enters and asks to be taken to JFK Airport. Mohinder flees when Bennet mentions [[Chandra Suresh|his father]].
** Niki returns home, and is ambushed by [[Linderman's thugs]].  She blacks out.
====DoE + 1====
[[Image:Power time travel.jpg|thumb|right|[[Hiro]] plays with time]]
* In Tokyo (1:47 p.m. local time, 12:47 a.m. EDT), [[Hiro Nakamura]] succeeds in making time go back.
* Peter attempts to fly by leaping off of a building; Nathan flies up and tries to catch him, but Peter slips.
* In Tokyo, Hiro and Ando are at a bar after work.  Hiro teleports himself into the women's bathroom.  Later (11:43 p.m. local time, 10:43 a.m. EDT), while riding the subway, Hiro teleports himself to [[New York, NY]].
===Unspecified Date===
====DoE - 3 or DoE - 4====
* Chandra Suresh is killed in his taxi. (''[[Episode:Genesis|Genesis]]'') <!--That's because Mohinder is in India and calculating the hours Chandra is killed or 3 or 4 days ago EST. -->
====DoE or DoE + 1====
*Niki wakes up in her garage and finds that Linderman's thugs have been murdered. (''[[Episode:Genesis|Genesis]]'')
{{Timeline Calculations}}

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