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Official Summary

Carlos has never been a violent guy yet trouble seems to follow him where ever he goes. This time, help is at hand.


Friendly Greetings
Volume: Three
Issue: 03-02
Released: 24th June, 2010
Petrelli estate veranda.jpg
Written by: Mc hammark
Story by: Jenx222
Edited by: Jenx222
Previous issue: Primatech
Next issue: Yamagato
2nd September 1963


"C'mon Carlos, we know you're here. You shouldn't have helped that woman. My men will be in hospital for a while," - Ricky

Carlos stood up from behind the garbage can to face the three men.

"Look Ricky, I don't have any money. Please, just let me go." - Carlos

"You don't have money? Well then, I guess we'll just have to get pay the old fashioned way. Boys, hold him down." - Ricky

"No, you can't do this." - Carlos

"I'm afraid we can. John. Michael. Hold him down." - Ricky

The other two men advanced on Carlos. Carlos hit one of them, but it didn't have its usual effects.

"Tut tut. Trying to fight your way out. You know your power doesn't work with me around." - Ricky

The two men grabbed Carlos by the arms and pinned him down on the ground.

"From now on, you're going to pay me. Ten thousand a month. So that nothing happens to you." - Ricky

"But... where am I supposed to get that amount of money?" - Carlos

"I don't know... that's your problem. Perhaps you could... I dunno... rob a bank? Steal a car and sell it? Rob some little old lady; I don't care as long as I get paid." - Ricky

Ricky began to roll up his sleeves.

"And to show you that we're serious, you can give us a little down payment." - Ricky

Ricky lifted his hand and punched Carlos across his face. And again. And again. Carlos' nose broke. There was blood all over his face. Ricky raised his hand once more... but it didn't come down. Carlos looked up to see Ricky's hand turning gold. It spread up his arm and over his head, turning his entire body into gold.

"Is that payment enough for you?" - Bobby

The other two men disappeared into the alley, running for their lives. Ricky's body fell to the ground with a clunk, revealing a man.

"Carlos Mendez? I'm Bobby Bishop. You may not remember me, but you saved me once from a situation much like this." - Bobby

"You saved me." - Carlos

"Yes I did. And I've come to ask you a favour. I want you to help me save others." - Bobby

"Who?" - Carlos

"Others like us." - Bobby

"You mean people with abilities? I've met a few of them, and they don't seem to need help, as much as restrictions. That guy there, Ricky, he had an ability. He could make me weaker. But all he used it for was to make himself more powerful." - Carlos

"Yes, we've come to realise there may be some of us who won't want to keep their abilities quiet, and necessary action may be taken." - Bobby

"Necessary action? You mean like what you did to Ricky?" - Carlos

"Sometimes, but we'd rather not go that far. We were rather thinking a prison." - Bobby

"No prison could hold some of the people I've seen." - Carlos

"Which is why we need you. We need to build up a group of those who will dedicate themselves to looking after those of us who can't look after themselves." - Bobby

"I don't agree with killing to keep us a secret." - Carlos

"Even with Ricky? Let me tell you something. Not that long ago, the government found out about us. They rounded us up, and do you know what happened? They killed almost all of us. There were four that got out. And we're going to do whatever is needed to defend ourselves. It's your choice, you can either help us, or you can risk being killed. But remember, we won't always be around to help you." - Bobby

There was a gust of wind and two other men appeared.

"Harry. Daniel. What's up?" - Bobby

"Bobby, Angela needs us." - Daniel

"What's the problem?" - Bobby

"Dunno, she just said that she needed to speak with us." - Harry

"Well, Carlos, I guess this is goodbye." - Bobby

The three men turned and began to head out of the alley. Bobby stopped and turned back.

"Actually, you better get that cleaned up. Daniel, would you?" - Bobby

Daniel walked back to Carlos and touched his nose. Instantly the swelling went down.

"Let's go." - Harry

Carlos felt his nose. It was no longer bleeding, no longer swollen.

"Wait." - Carlos

"Yes?" - Bobby

"I'm in." - Carlos

Character Appearances

  • Ricky


  • This issue mirrors the circumstances of the issue "Midas Touch".
Friendly Greetings