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Dylan Tyler
Portrayed by Robert Wisdom
First appearance Side Story: The Partner Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Incineration
Age 39
Date of death 2006
Occupation Company Agent

Dylan Tyler was a Company Agent who was Alan Carter's first partner. He was an evolved human who had the ability to incinerate the insides of other people .

Character History


Alan Carter tells Joshua Lincoln about his former partner, who died on a mission in Korea.

Side Story: The Partner Part 1

Dylan approaches Alan Carter in a park and begins talking to him about their latest mission. He says that it will be hard but worth it. Later, the two of them arrive in Seoul, South Korea, to search for their target Harry Chow. While wandering through the city, Dylan chuckles when Alan comments on how nice the city is. Dylan explains that in a world where people have abilities, nothing is nice.

While in their hotel room, Alan tries to communicate with Thompson. Dylan finds out and explains why they were selected and says that he is in charge no matter what. Later, they arrive at Harry's apartment, but all they find is Harry's accomplice and Dylan's old partner Dennis Lockman. They tie him up and while Alan looks through Dennis's files, Dylan beats him to a bloody pulp. When they learn that Dennis is planning more murders, Dylan kills him with ability.

Side Story: The Partner Part 2

Dylan and Alan aid the police in Harry Chow's latest bank heist. Dylan works on getting into the bank so he can kill Harry but Alan is given the oppurtunity to enter it. Alan reassures Dylan that he will kill Harry to old fashioned way.

One month prior to this, Dylan sat in the office of Agent Thompson and denied a partner change due to his belief that Dennis would return. Thompson showed Dylan prove of Dennis' betrayal with Harry and Dylan readily accepted the mission to apprehend them. He was then introduced to his new partner, Alan.

Side Story: The Partner Part 3

Still outside the bank, Dylan speaks with Detective Ro about the "weapon" Harry Chow possesses. He then asks Ro how fast he can evacuate the immediete area.

Dylan soon catches Ro watching Harry manifest his ability and drags him away from the door. Ro calls him a monster and Dylan tells him not to call them that. Ro repeats it and in a fit of rage, Dylan places his hand on Ro's head and begins to burn him. Dylan stops himself before he can cause any real damage and tells Ro to run away. He then takes a megaphone and tells Alan to hurry up in the bank. Alan returns with a new recruit for the Company, Harry, which outrages Dylan.

3 days later, Dylan and Alan prepare to leave Korea. Dylan tells Alan that Harry has been transferred to the Hong Kong facility where he will be trained as an agent. He also reveals that he is happy he did not have to kill him. Alan is pleased with this and the two begin to enter the car. Before Dylan can do so, a hooded figure runs up behind him and stabs him. Alan kills the man, revealed to be Ro, and holds Dylan in his arms as he dies. Dylan chuckles and remarks that he thought he would die of old age.

Evolved Human Abilities

Dylan possessed the ability to incinerate the internal organs and blood of people by physically touching them. He was also able to partially burn their insides just enough to cause pain and no major damage.

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