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Ethan Campbell
First appearance Welcome To Primatech
In-story stats
Known ability Energy Emission
Age 21
Date of death 2007
Home New York, NY
Occupation Company Agent
Parent Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father

Ethan Campbell was a newly recruited Company Agent who trained alongside Joshua Lincoln. He accomponied his fellow agents in bringing in dangerous individuals that escaped from Level 5, eventually losing his life to the final escapee, Emily Rose. He was an evolved human with the ability to generate energy.


From an early age Ethan was what one would call the "wannabe". His friends, teachers and even parents commented on his inability to focus on reality, as his mind was always focused on a life full of magic and monsters. It was this very belief that led Ethan to discover the powers he had always believed he had.

Using his gifts, Ethan attempted to rebond with his family, attempting to reveal that his fantasies were the true reality. However, upon the realisation that their son was different, the Campbells severed all ties with him. Nevertheless, Ethan showed a great sense of pride in his powers, as well as the abilities of others. This pride led him to make friends easily, and allowed him to make some true connections to the world before finally meeting his end.

Character History

Season One History

Recruited by the Company, Ethan is sent to train alongside another new recruit, Joshua Lincoln, under the supervision of senior agent Tina Bui. This training led to Ethan's self proclaimed form of torture under the hands of his mentor. After completing his training, Ethan was granted the mission to bring in two Level 5 escapees who were spotted in Central Park. Partnered with Joshua, Ethan searches the park and is confronted by one of their targets, who pleads for his help. Accepting her terms, Ethan and Joshua go on to battle against Nicholas.

Soon sent on a rescue mission into Pinehearst, Ethan, Tyson, Elisa and her partner infiltrate Pinehearst and meet up with Jordan, who is attempting to escape by himself. After being attacked by Lois Freeman, Ethan's power overloads and he is knocked out by Elisa and Jordan.

After regaining conciousness, Ethan accopmonies Elisa, Tyson and Jordan to a warehouse where another escapee, Emily Rose, is keeping Joshua and Tina captive. Ethan attempts to attack Emily with his power but is in turn shot twice in the chest. As he collapses to the floor, Emily uses her ability and absorbs his soul, leaving him lifeless.

Evolved Human Abilities

Ethan had the ability to emit a powerful form of energy that he could manipulate as he wished. With this power, he could start mechanical devices such as car engines as well as generate concentrated forms of energy within the palms of his hands.


See Also

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