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Evan Winston
Portrayed by Tom Lenk
First appearance Hunt, Catch, Crash
In-story stats
Known ability Sight Sharing
Age 20
Occupation College Student

Evan Winston is a Boston college student who has become a target of the government. He is an evolved human with the ability to see through the eyes of others. After meeting Rictor Trundall, Evan joins his team of specials.

Character History

Hunt, Catch, Crash

Evan records Joshua Lincoln, who is working at a retirement home. He gives a running commentary for everything that Joshua does, prompting Joshua to yell at him. Evan complains that Joshua is too "ordinary" and leaves. He later returns and annoys Joshua even more. Unable to control his anger, Joshua lifts Evan high into the air and tells him to leave. Evan does so, but is quickly captured by a government team sent to bring him in.

Later, Evan is loaded onboard Flight 195 and then watches, horrified, as the plane begins to go down.

After The Fall

Jordan Matthews and Jennifer Lehane find Evan alone in the bush. They ask him what his ability is and he tells them that he can see what others see. Jordan instructs him to look through the eyes of Peter Petrelli but this does not lead them anywhere. Soon after, the three of them make it to a road and Evan states that he would like to stay with them, as it is safer.


Jordan, Jenni and Evan are on a bus heading to New York. Government agents arrive on the bus and Evan helps Jennifer escape with him through the back exit. Jordan tells Evan to take Jenni and run, which Evan does.


Evan runs from several government agents but they eventually corner him. Before they can shoot him, all their guns disintegrate before they too eventually turn to dust. Rictor Trundall then appears and tells Evan of the government's plans for people with powers. Rictor asks Evan to join him and Evan accepts, hoping to be given a superhero name.


Evan, under Rictor'a orders, searches through a warehouse for a mysterious package. He hears a noise and shines his flashflight into the darkness, asking if anyone is there. Joshua Lincoln walks up and Evan calls out for Rictor. While Rictor questions Joshua, Evan tries his best to smile menacingly. Joshua sees this and asks if Evan is seriously teaming up with the bad guys. Evan says that he has but Rictor corrects him, saying that they are not bad guys, they are just very angry. Joshua leaves and Rictor soon asks Evan if he has had any luck finding the package. Upon learning that the package is gone, Rictor and his team leave the warehouse.

Evolved Human Abilities

Evan possesses the ability to see through the eyes of others. When using this ability, his mind "seeks out" his target, giving Evan a view of the environment around him.

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