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Sandman Part 3
Episode number: 103
First aired: July 29, 2009
Written by: Josh Korolenko
Previous episode: Sandman Part 2
Next episode: Sandman Part 4


This Side Story is fanmade and should not be considered canon.


  • Tina and Ryland search for clues.
  • Zara learns of Mike’s death and her own impending fate.
  • A surprising twist leaves The Sandman raging through the city.


At the morgue, a doctor wheels out a body. Zara and Mr Vahava are sitting outside the room and when the doctor wheels the body by them, Zara is unable to stop herself from pulling the blanket from the body’s head. Upon seeing that it is Mike, Zara screams and cries in grief. Mr Vahava holds her and she cries into his shoulder, asking how this happened. Vahava stares outside a window, towards the desert beyond the city.

In the Desert Trench, Tina and Ryland are searching through the apparent home of Amid Zahir. Tina accidentally breaks a plank, revealing a room holding the decomposing bodies of eight people. Disgusted, Tina informs Ryland that they have found the missing Vahava Inc. agents.

Outside of her home, Zara thanks her father for accompanying her. She hugs him and he tells her to be careful. She asks what he means and he tells her that if Amid is alive, then he would have been responsible for Mike’s death. Appalled by the accusation, Zara tells her father that Amid is not a monster. She enters her home and Vahava drives away. Later, while drinking alone on her couch, Zara hears some noise coming from outside. She yells out that she wants to be alone and the door smashes from its hinges. Zara screams as Tina and Ryland enter the room. Tina tells her to calm down as they are there to protect her.

In his office, Mr Vahava finishes typing a business statement. He opens his drawer, which contains a gun and a plane ticket to New York. He is about to reach into it when he sees sand pouring into the office through the door’s keyhole. The sand shapes itself into the figure of a man and then changes into Amid. Vahava grabs his gun and fires at Amid, whose gunshot wounds only leak out sand. Smiling, Amid raises his hand and the sand that has escaped his body rises into the air. It shoots towards Vahava, who ducks for cover. The sand hits the window with such force that it completely shatters it. Amid tells Vahava that he will pay for what he did and Vahava stands, hurling a fireball at Amid. The fireball hits him and, utterly terrified of the flames, Amid decomposes himself into sand. Vahava grabs his phone and begins dialling. Suddenly, the sand rises into a mighty sand storm and charges at Vahava. He is pulled out of his window and as Amid expands and attacks the city, Vahava plunges to his death.

Ryland asks if Zara is ok. She nods and then asks if she has gotten everything clear. She repeats that both her father and Amid have special powers and that Amid is seeking revenge for his attempted murder. Tina nods and tells her that it is of the utmost importance that they reach Vahava in time. Screams echo from the street and Tina looks out at the dark city. The horrible sandstorm, having enveloped most of Cairo, begins to charge towards the street. Annoyed, Tina says that they are too late.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"Let me see if I’ve got this right. My father, who I’ve known all my life, has the power to create fire and my ex husband can control sand? Now, Amid is on a revenge driven murder spree and he won’t stop until we’re all dead?"


- Zara, Ryland

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