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Powers Imagination
Current acquired abilities:
Super speed
Age 15
Home UK

KDB is a random guy who likes to make pages about himself in third person. KDB is an evolved human who has acquired several abilities through the power of imagination. He hasn't finished making all of his pages yet so lots of links won't work yet.


When KDB first discovered that he had superpowers he thought that the first thing to do was was make Photoshop pictures of himself and make a page on Heroes Wiki to see who believed him.

Evolved Human Abilities

KDB has the ability to imagine any Ability and then use it, even ones that aren't real.

Abilities Imagined

Fan Powers


Imagination is the ability to manifest any ability simply by imagining it.


  • None.

Kinetic projection

Kinetic projection is the ability to shoot kinetic energy from your hands.


  • Possessing this ability is like invisible guns, particularly powerful users of this ability could pierce armor with their ability, or they could simply trip someone up without touching them.
  • This ability, while having similarities, is not Telekinesis. Users cannot lift up object with this ability
  • Users can their ability to shape their Kinetic Projectiles into any shape so they could shoot invisible darts, or they could shoot huge cannonballs.

Energy Conversion

Energy absorption is the ability to absorb almost all forms of energy, and then letting it out in some other form


  • Users can boost their own physical ability to above normal levels
  • Users can also let their energy out in other forms E.G. getting struck by lightning would allow you to let of some form of Pyrokinesis and vice versa

Spatial Awareness

Evolved Humans with this ability can know where everything within his/her immediate vicinity is.


  • This ability can only be used for your immidiate vicinity
  • If the power is being supercharged then it can be used to know where anything is.

Temporal occupancy

Humans with this ability are very adept at taking up time.


  • When using this ability on other people, you can make them do a seemingly limitless number of random tasks.
  • Although if it is past 10:00pm then you ability is useless until morning, unless you are phoning someone in a different time-zone.

Cross dimensional awareness

This is the ability to know that you are fictional.


  • Users of this ability can only know that are fictional, they gain no other information.
  • Users of this ability have to be fictional.
  • Users of this ability can point out to other people that they are fictional.
  • Users of the ability may also know which wall of the room is the fourth wall, which allows talking to the camera.
  • Users of this ability cannot completely destroy the fourth wall, only damage it, it they did then all fiction would become real.


Users of this ability can create a small pocket area to hide large objects or a large number of smaller objects. This allows the user carry more objects that physically possible,research shows that every video game character has this ability and most old fashioned cartoon characters use this ability to carry large hammers, hence the name. Usually, the hammerspace is hidden behind the characters back or some other concealed hiding place on the characters person.


  • If a user of Hammerspace is carrying an heavy object, the user will not be affected it's weight until it is removed from the hammerspace.
  • Although not proven, it is theorized that a Hammerspace emits some form of non visible light that is damaging to the eyes, if this is true then it may be why Hammerspaces are always concealed
  • Depending on what videogame the ability is used in the user can often carry at least 99 of any object and approximately 9,999 of the games currency.

Brainwave manipulation

If you have this ability then you definitely have a brain, and have an IQ level above mentally retarded.


  • Whoever has this ability can think of anything.
  • By speaking and telling someone to think of something, you can cause other people to use ths ability, although they probably had it anyway.

"How you doin'?"

"How you doin'?" is the evolved ability to instantly attract members of opposite sex with the words "How you doin'?" Research shows that Joey from "Friends" has this ability.


  • Only works on members of the opposite sex.
  • With enough practice, this ability can be resisted.
  • The ability only works if said with the correct tone.

Memorable Quotes

"Who would've thought that fire is so hot?."


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