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Claire Bennet

Series - Heroes: The Color Spectrum

Episode #2


Claire welcomes Jack to Odessa and the two discuss their abilities.


Jack Swift

Claire Bennet

Michael (the mover)

Jeffrey (the mover)

Thomas Swift (mentioned)

Fredrick Swift (mentioned)

Carrie Swift (mentioned)

Brody Mitchum (mentioned)

Memorable Quotes

"You know, you have really beautiful eyes."

"Thank you."

- Jack, Claire (Claire Bennet)



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Series - Heroes: The Color Spectrum

Characters: Jack Swift, Kyle Stevens, Fredrick Swift, Carrie Swift, Thomas Swift, Julien Curtis

Episodes: Broken Memories, Claire Bennet, My Father, Your Father, Our Father, Taken Aboard, Traitor

Groups: The Eight

Side Stories: Making Amends and Healing Wounds, Silent Rebellions and Dark Enemies